NFT REVIEW NEWS Magic Eden Pledges $1M ‘Creator Fund’ to Bolster Polygon NFTs

In pursuit of enhancing top-tier NFTs, Magic Eden has set forth a $1 million fund to bolster specific developers operating on the Polygon blockchain through its new intriguing project, ‘Creator Fund.’

Understanding that the bear market has been a rough time for many project founders, Polygon creators chosen to partake in the project will gain much-needed capital and enjoy technological guidance, marketing aid, mentorship, and more before spotlighting their pioneering concepts to the world.

The chief objective of Magic Eden is to support promising Polygon projects through adaptability, distinctiveness, and the potential to revamp the NFT domain.

Seeking Entry into the Creator Program

All Polygon creators applying to partake in the Creator Program will be assessed based on the originality of their concepts, the practicality of their visions, and the diversity and capability of their teams. Consequently, all developers must complete these outlined steps: 

  • Step 1: Showcase collaborative excellence by displaying the power behind their teamwork. 
  • Step 2: Present a solid whitepaper/roadmap that explains the project’s future. 
  • Step 3: Highlight intelligent investment strategies that will likely build wealth. 
  • Step 4: Capture creativity through engaging digital artworks. 
  • Step 5: Unleash inventiveness through powerful synergies with other Polygon projects. 
  • Step 6: Illustrate a successful marketing plan that includes innovative techniques. 

Magic Eden’s Polygon Footprint

Picking Polygon to roll out its Creator Fund project confirms Magic Eden’s faith and influence on the blockchain network. Regardless of the marketplace’s origins in Solana, it has made notable progress in expanding its impact on Polygon this past year. 

The marketplace first incorporated Polygon NFTs in November 2022, adding Polygon trading features and NFT creation that mostly spur blockchain games shortly after. Such enhancements emphasize Magic Eden’s recognition of the rising blockchain and its role in presenting blue-chip collectibles, most of which are gamified. 

The Magic Eden Creator Fund is a true testament to its ongoing endeavors, presenting a willingness to continue growing and supporting operations on the network and in the NFT realm. 

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