NFT REVIEW NEWS LeBron James Spotted in RTFKT NFT Nike Sneakers

LeBron James — arguably one of the most renowned basketball players today — was recently caught out and about wearing a pair of RTFKT Nike sneakers. These special-edition kicks are only purchasable by minting an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain

Before the Lakers’ Game, which saw LeBron’s team win against the Golden State Warrior’s in the NBA’s Western Conference Semifinals, James was seen sporting the RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 Genesis sneakers. Lakers revealed a snapshot of James donning the limited-edition red and black sports shoes alongside his teammate, Anthony Davis.

The company behind the virtual fashion platform took to Twitter to share the photograph, exciting RTFKT and basketball fans alike:

Following fans’ thrilled comments, the co-founder of RTFKT, Steven Vasilev (otherwise known as Zaptio) felt enticed to share a picture of himself and the COO of RTFKT, Nikhil Gopalani, presenting James with a personalized Clone X NFT avatar:

RTFKT modified the metadata of a single CLONE X NFT in September, to include a “LBJ Beard” and a yellow and purple crown —  to make the digital asset more unique and valuable. The same features appear on James’s NFT, however, his digital asset has a rare all-blue color scheme, making it unclear if its the same NFT that was previously modified. According to OpenSea data, the initial modified asset remains in the “RTFKT_CORE_VAULT” wallet and was last purchased in January.

RTFKT’s Iconic Collectibles

RTFKT x Nike Air Force 1 Genesis collection consists of 1,776 pairs of sneakers, acquirable by purchasing a Genesis NFT and switching it for the physical product. For this reason, Genesis NFTs are hot on secondary marketplaces. The starting price for one of these digital assets starts at 0.4 ETH (approximately $740) on OpenSea. However, collectors only have until May 8 to redeem a physical version of the limited-edition footwear.

Conversely, the Clone X collectibles, that represent the RTFKT brand, is a hub of 20,000 3D avatars usable in Metaverse experiences such as virtual worlds and augmented realities. These avatars, designed by the talented NFT artist Takahashi Murakami, have eight different groups depending on their “DNA types” — all of which represent different parts of society. Half of the collectibles are human avatars, whereas the other half are Clone X types. The floor price for one of these digital assets currently stands at $6,244.68, according to CoinGecko

On top of RTFKT’s creations, Nike recently launched its very own digital sneakers and apparel platform on Polygon dubbed .Swoosh. Already, the ecosystem has more than 33,000 users, and is set to mint “Our Force 1” NFT-based sneakers in a few days time (May 8). 

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