NFT REVIEW NEWS Lacoste Opens an NFT-Gated Shopping Experience

French fashion giant, Lacoste, has opened a new virtual storefront that features extra hidden perks for its UNDW3 NFT holders. The summer digital retail unit acts as an interactive shopping experience for normal users, with an extra NFT-gated component for community members.

For its latest dive into the realm of Web3, Lacoste has partnered with VR company, Emperia, to launch a new immersive shopping environment. For the summer, Lacoste fans can browse the latest stylish apparel from the comfort of their own home. Taking in the hottest new looks in both the main lobby, and on the sun-soaked rooftop area, while listening to sweet tunes on the in-built juke box.

However, the true innovation lurks in the lower regions of the new location, with an additional underwater area reserved for UNDW3 NFT pass holders. As a result, these members of Lacoste’s Web3 loyalty program can gain access to further perks and experiences by either connecting their NFT wallet, or signing in via email.

Once inside, these lucky few can peruse an additional layer of Lacoste clothing co-created by community members. As such, each physical item will come with its own digital NFT twin, and interactive augmented reality feature. In addition, gaining access to the region will also unlock an exclusive scavenger hunt that will award new prizes during each week of the summer.

Lacoste Levels up its UNDW3 NFT Loyalty Program

Lacoste’s NFT initiative has come a long way since its initial launch in June 2022. Back then, it arrived in the shape of 11,212 ‘Lacoste Genesis Pass’ NFT that hinted at potential activations within the Web3 sphere. However, it wasn’t until a year later when it really came to life, evolving into the dynamic UNDW3 pass we know today.

Through this exciting initiative, Lacoste NFT holders can level up their experiences through participation in its Web3 environment. Effectively, allowing holders to add value to their NFTs by becoming active members of the community.

This latest update highlights Lacoste’s commitment to the industry, and opens a crocodile shaped door to infinite possibilities!

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