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At the apex where high-end fashion and Web3 collide, a new evolution has begun to take shape that will change the way we look at brand engagement forever. Clothing giant, Lacoste, has sent its 11,212 strong ‘Genesis Pass’ NFT collection for a makeover, a move that has seen emerge as a dynamic gateway to the new ‘UNDW3’ ecosystem.

Under the new initiative, that begins on June 29, holders will gain access to a UNDW3 dashboard by connecting their digital assets. This will then allow them to participate in a range of Lacoste-themed activities, quests, games, and challenges. Dubbed ‘The Mission,’ those taking part will receive points for brand engagement which will then feed into a real-time leaderboard, and eventually reward the highest placed members.

The Genesis Pass Makes way for a New Dynamic UNDW3 NFT

Looking to utilize the very latest in Web3 technology, Lacoste has unlocked the innovative benefits of the ‘Dynamic NFT.’ As a result, the image will evolve and upgrade as its holder climbs the leaderboard, while also displaying their points tally for all to see.

This leaderboard will unlock benefits & rewards, effectively, cementing its owner’s status as a true ambassador for the Lacoste organization. In addition, as the NFT gives holders access to the UNDW3 ecosystem, they will also unlock the following plethora of benefits:

  • Access The Mission and earn rewards
  • Participate in the UNDW3 Factory and contribute to co-creation
  • Gain exclusive access to the Lacoste UNDW3 wardrobe
  • Gain access to participate in exclusive tennis experience
  • Gain the possibility to join UNDW3 community events
  • Exercise your right in community voting
  • Access to waterverse experiences
  • Benefit from exclusive advantages on collaborations
  • Access to top level Club Lacoste (To come)

Lacoste Ushers in Dynamic NFTs to aid Brand Engagement Mission


Secure Points, Earn Rewards

Lacoste has an array of games, activities, challenges and quests ready to engage with its community, all of which offer points as rewards and enable participants to rank within the ecosystem. Most of these experiences will take place via the project Discord, therefore requiring a direct link to the NFTs themselves.

To get the ball rolling, Lacoste has already awarded points to current NFTs holders, which they can claim via the UNDW3 dashboard. These are designed to reward loyal community members, with the value tied directly to holding duration and the number of NFTs held. Furthermore, participants will also have the opportunity to take part in weekly raffles that offer NFTs, brand merchandise and points as prizes.

Lacoste Brand Engagement Mission to Reward its Followers

Season 1 of Lacoste’s innovative program will take place from June 28 until December 23, and allow collectors to embark on a journey of co-creation and co-construction with the brand. At the culmination of the event, the top 200 participants will receive a spectacular prize, with the highest achievers winning the finest opportunities available. Prizes are as follows:

  • 1st Place – A VIP, all-expenses, trip to Paris for 2 that will include a tour or the Lacoste facilities and factory
  • 2nd Place– A unique chance to design  your own Lacoste piece
  • 3rd Place – An opportunity to be part of an UNDW3 Campaign
  • 4th – 10th Place – A personal shopping experience
  • 11th– 200th Place – Lacoste vouchers for its digital stores

So, as Lacoste grasps modernity and sets itself apart as a pioneering brand in Web3, its time to get those NFTs at the ready and prepare to unleash the inner crocodile!

Head to the UNDW3 dashboard >> Here

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