NFT REVIEW NEWS JR Kyushu Railway NFTs Steam onto the Blockchain

The JR Kyushu Railway Company has unveiled a fascinating new route into Web3, venturing ahead with P.R.O. Co. (PRO) to debut a series of NFTs on July 23. These NFT souvenirs are designed for travelers to remember their journeys, capturing the spirit of the iconic train “Nishi Kyushu Shinkansen”, which has a lightning-fast speed of 260 km/h (160 mph).

The intercity rail service in Kyushu serves more than 330 million individuals. Now, through the power of the blockchain, the company aims to strengthen connections with users and enhance customer relationships, bringing a unique use case to the world of NFTs. As a first-time demonstration, JR Kyushu and PRO will be dishing out complimentary digital assets of Nishi at the Blockchain Expo in Tokyo on May 10 -12. 

JR Kyushu Railway Company Steams Ahead with NFT Souvenirs

Intricate Details of JR Kyushu’s NFTs

Following the steps of Toyota Motor Corporation and Sony Network Communication, JR Kyushu Railway NFTs are on Astar Network, thanks to the blockchain’s scalability, affordability, and expertise in the Japanese market. Astar supports EVM and WebAssembly (Wasm) environments and ensures of interoperability by implementing a cross-chain machine. Despite the country’s strict listing regulations, Astar’s native token $ASTR is registered as a cryptocurrency rather than a security by the Japenese government.

Moreover, Astar has a Build2Earn program, safeguarded by Polkadot, that allows developers to earn incentives for building and maintaining their decentralized applications. In addition, users can earn incentives for supporting their favorite projects, thereby promoting the holistic development of the ecosystem. Thanks to JR Kyushu leveraging this blockchain technology, customers can acquire or earn digital assets that open up rewards and benefits. 

“At Astar Network, we’re excited to see more real-life use cases of enterprises exploring and leveraging NFTs to build closer relationships with their customers and provide new value. We look forward to supporting PRO Japan and JR Kyushu in their endeavor,” commented Astar Network’s Founder, Sota Watanabe, in a press release. 

As travelers anticipate the JR Kyushu Railway NFTs, it is clear that blockchain technology can transform how various types of businesses interact with their customers. Not only is this development a leap forward for JR Kyushu and the railway industry, but also a transition towards a new epoch whereby digital assets become a fundamental part of our daily lives. 

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