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Renowned NFT pioneer, Zeneca, and leading Web3 education platform, Curious Addys, have combined their brain power to revolutionize digital art on-chain. Together, they are set to launch ‘HeyMint‘ on May 30 — an NFT launchpad and platform designed specifically for blockchain novices.  

Democratizing art, providing education, and simplifying the minting process, HeyMint welcomes a new array of creators into the Web3 world, regardless of their backgrounds. With the underlying ethos of fairness, accessibility, and affordability, this user-friendly creation tool can help new creators bring art to life

HeyMint NFT Launchpad Perks 

The process behind the HeyMint NFT launchpad and platform is straightforward: first-time creators can upload their unique artistic assets to the platform, select their chosen blockchain, craft an allow list for presales, and enforce royalties to increase ongoing value. All features provide creators with easy-to-use customization tools and a high degree of control, illustrating the advantages of decentralization in the art world on-chain.

Currently, the tool supports Ethereum alongside the network’s compatible chains Polygon, Optimism and Arbitrum. This array of multiplex chains promotes flexibility for creators, empowering them to select a platform that best suits their needs. 

Bringing a “creator-first” approach to fees, HeyMint does not charge for listing collections, further distinguishing itself from numerous traditional platforms for the better. Mints also cost just $1, positioning the platform as a cost-friendly and suitable option for a diverse range of digital art enthusiasts. 

Emerging as an innovative learning platform and NFT launchpad that bridges the gap between creators and NFTs, HeyMint NFT Launchpad underscores the potential of technology, creativity, and entrepreneurship in one bag. 

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