NFT REVIEW NEWS Gala Music Rocks with Mythical Earl Sweatshirt Album

In a massive turn of events, Gala Music has stunned the rap world by debuting a rumored album that had, until now, only existed in the realm of folklore. As a result of a week-long scavenger hunt and marketing campaign, the platform has unveiled ‘VOIR DIRE’ by Earl Sweatshirt and the Alchemist.

For way longer than anyone cares to remember, music fans have been on high alert for information concerning a mythical collaboration between the two rap superstars. Now, years after it was originally rumored to exist, the album has emerged on the blockchain for fans to own and stream via the Gala Music platform.

As a result of the exciting release, Gala has launched 1000 NFT editions of each of the 11 tracks on the album. These are effectively claimable by those who completed the scavenger hunt in the lead up to the launch, with any left over available to purchase for $225 apiece. However, anyone with a Gala Account can stream the album for free.

VOIR DIRE Emerges Via the Cutting-Edge Gala Music Platform

Mr. Sweatshirt first teased the existence of the album back in 2021, where he hinted at its publication via an anonymous YouTube burner account. Despite searching frantically for the elusive release, however, fans have never managed to locate the mighty collaboration for themselves.

This inability to track down VOIR DIRE via YouTube eventually led to the rapper circulating the album via other means. To achieve this, he left a series of clues relating to the release via QR codes dotted around his latest tour. These codes, then directed fans to a mysterious Gala page that unbeknownst to them created a Gala wallet that they can now use to claim the NFTs.

When asked why he chose NFTs and Gala Music to finally release the album, Earl has replied with only a few short words: “They didn’t find the album on YouTube.”

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