NFT REVIEW NEWS FILT3R Takes the BAYC on NFT Joyride Through AR

Just as the NFT realm appears to have hit a slow period, a new player has entered the game to shake up the industry with the power of augmented reality (AR). Through its cutting-edge facial tracking tools, FILT3R will let collectors become their digital selves in videos, meetings, virtual events, and more!

Over the course of the last 2 years, tech entrepreneur and visionary, Marc Dutch, aka BAYC7621, has assembled a crack team of experts and co-founders with a mission to revolutionize the world of digital collectibles. As a result, it will enable NFT owners to unlock their 2-dimensional profile pics to use across visual mediums, including Zoom meetings, YouTube videos, and Twitch live streams.

Following extensive development and testing, FILT3R has created an incredibly versatile system that, accurately and in real-time, tracks the users’ facial expressions, and interprets them onto an AR model of their NFT. Thanks to its amazing infrastructure, NFT collectors can engage with their relative communities while maintaining their virtual identities, and for those that shy from the limelight, keeping their anonymity.

Built with Apple’s VR kit and TrueDepth camera, the new platform sits on the Unity graphics engine that uses the best tech available to achieve the best results imaginable, all available on iOS, Mac and Windows.

FILT3R Takes the Bored Apes on a Joyride Through AR

555 Genesis NFTs to Kickstart the FILT3R AR Revolution

To mark its entry onto Web3’s biggest stage, FILT3R has prepared 555 Genesis NFTs that go by the moniker, OG555. These impeccable NFTs set for August at a price of $555 each, will represent the digital keys that unlock FILT3R’s vast array of tools and resources. As the first 555 members to climb on board, OG555 holders will receive a grand array of benefits, including standard services plus a little bit more!

Those joining the fun from the get-go, will receive access to the FILT3R platform, unlimited Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) activations, and free future NFT mints. However, the BAYC inclusion may imply, the first opportunity to truly become an NFT avatar will sit firmly with the Bored Ape community, with the launch of

BAYC NFTs Come Alive in the FILT3R Environment

As mentioned, the inaugural NFT collection to get the FILT3R treatment will see the Bored Ape Yacht Club cross the threshold into real-world interactions. As a result, those holding both a BAYC and an OG555 NFT will have the opportunity to don their ape identity through high-quality digital renderings. These believable and authentic super-real avatars will allow the BAYC community to add extra utility to their collectibles and venture forth in their ape guise, in addition to giving them access to FILT3R’s render tech and suite of content creation tools.

Augmented Reality NFTs to Change Digital Identity Politics Forever

FILT3R’s BAYC AR activation marks just the tip of the iceberg however, with the in-house ‘MrAnon’ collection already well into development. In the meantime, the project has already prepared a set of digital wearables that will allow users to customize their avatars with things like hats, glasses, and so much more!

So, as the NFT world continues to evolve, PFP collectibles find themselves on a collision course with AR tech, courtesy of FILT3R!

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