NFT REVIEW NEWS FEWOCiOUS Unlocks NFT Art with Adidas Sneakers

Sportswear behemoth Adidas has woven its threads with the renowned NFT artist FEWOCiOUS to create physical Adidas sneakers that are only purchasable via exclusive NFT redemption passes. The 4,5000 NFT mint edition ‘Trefoil Flower’ will launch via OpenSea on June 22. 

All lucky collectors of Trefoil Flowers can own a pair of Adidas Originals Campus 00s, providing they permanently destroy (‘burn’) their digital assets. Shipping of the tangible sneakers will then follow one month later. Moreover, each pair of pioneering footwear comes with a speck of intriguing advancements — a Near Field Communication (NFC) tag — merging each sneaker with its NFT counterpart. 

Holders of FEWOCiOUS Paint Drops, Adidas’ Alts Decos and Soles NFTs can get their hands on the FEWOCiOUS Adidas Sneakers at a discounted price of around 0.2 ETH (around $350) before becoming publicly available through a three-tier pre-sale structure.

Sneakers Kick-Started on the Blockchain

What stands out in this partnership is the convergence of art and utility. However,  FEWOCiOUS is one of many to unite with an athletic clothing brand to create an NFT collection with a physical twin. For instance, Doodles partnered with Adidas to develop physical and digital attire as part of its ‘Pharrell Pack‘ dedicated to the project’s CBO, Pharrell Williams. 

What’s more, in collaboration with basketball star LaMeloBall and the NFT project Gutter Cat Gang, Puma helped create ‘MB.03 Guttermello‘ NFTs. Owners of these digital assets have a limited timeframe whereby collectors can claim a physical pair of exclusive Puma-branded sneakers. 

Loopify has also joined forces with Nike-owned fashion brand RTFKT to offer exclusive digital and physical Nike sneakers through its ‘Space Drip’ project. On the flip side, even Web2 brands like Costa are known for brewing sneakers on the blockchain, among many more.

As blockchain technology continues to shape digital and physical realms, it’s clear that incorporating real-world and virtual experiences are a step forward for future innovations and expansions. 

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