NFT REVIEW NEWS FAB DAO Launches ‘Giving Shape’ NFT Art Drop

Yearning to foster a more captivating art world on-chain, the Foundation for Art and Blockchain (FAB), a non-profit organization that supports growth in Web3, has announced the launch of FAB DAO and the initial NFT drop ‘Giving Shape’ by ippsketch. Through this innovative collector program, the new DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) brings together art and technology in the Web 3 space, expanding the reach and potential of FAB’s mission by leveraging the power of blockchain technology.

Giving Shape, created by ArtBlocks icon ippsketch, showcases complex graphic patterns and geometric shapes that pay homage to the aesthetics of minimalist artists like Sol Lewitt. The project is a generative, limited-edition collection of 300 NFTs created using the programming language JavaScript, used by web browsers with CSS and HTML.

The use of code to generate the art creates a unique and ever-changing visual experience, as each output is determined by the code. This creates a connection between the viewer and the artwork, as each viewing is unique and cannot be replicated. As ippsketch states, “Making art by painting with pixels instead of pigments has let me lean into strengths that I’ve developed as an engineer: coding, simulation, and problem solving.”

FAB DAO’s Notable Perks

This project aims to bring sales and FAB DAO to the surface, an innovative hub for sharing ideas, democratic decision-making, and networking to bolster the creative sector and back artists on the blockchain — one of the most innovative technologies of our time. The DAO will achieve such goals by supporting more individuals and projects down the line, combining blockchain and art via consultation, documentation and grants.

With the firm belief that well-documented art is the “most enduring”, FAB DAO offers all art enthusiasts a professional art catalogue consisting of a curatorial audit program, available in digital and tangible forms through an NFT. Each audit accompanies a curatorial statement from notable curators and educators in new media, an analysis of artists’ techniques and mediums and prevailing methods surrounding the artist, the blockchain network the art lives on, sales history, and more. A portion of all sales will benefit the artists directly, and requests from collectors and artists are welcomed.

FabDAO Broadens the Art Realm with 'Giving Shape' NFT Drop

Contributing to the DAO

Contributing to FAB DAO is entirely optional. Acquiring artworks, such as ippsketch‘s masterful generative work offers immense support alone. However, those wishing to dig deeper into patronage and grant-giving can join the DAO and assist in constructing a platform to facilitate the above engagements better. Despite there already being tons of guiding ideas for programming and discussion-making, FAB DAO hopes that community bonding can bring to light even more advantageous concepts.

Moreover, two of FAB DAO’s key initiatives include commissioned work and personal experiences. For those with little time to spare, simply introducing artists to the platform and assisting with the launch of unique collections has a transformative impact. Such initiatives financially support artists, showcase their talent, help them to reach a broader audience, and foster a community spirit.

To contribute toward the DAO and nurture art, those interested can partake in grant-giving verticals, apply to become a member online, and then partake in member voting. FAB DAO is keen to hear everyone’s suggestions and thoughts to pave the way for more art on the blockchain. All actions can have a significant impact.

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