NFT REVIEW NEWS Everything to Know about DeGods Season III & the y00ts Migration to ETH

On August 9, Degods made waves in the community by unveiling not one, but three long-awaited updates that have been eagerly anticipated by enthusiasts of both Degods and y00ts platforms. These announcements mark a new chapter forward for the ecosystem. This includes an art update, a new points system, and the migration of y00ts to Ethereum.

Degods unveils PFP art refresh

Credit: DeGods

First and foremost, an exciting artistic update takes center stage, promising to breathe new life into the project with the goal of making the “most elegant PFP possible.”

In addition to cleaning up traits to be more simple, the artists also simplified the backgrounds and added female DeGods. However, this is not a new collection — those who want to keep the old art can do so.

There is no collection dilution, just 20,000 additional pieces of art added to the original collection’s metadata. Keep in mind that it will cost holders 333 $DUST to upgrade their PFP.

Credit: Degods

y00ts announces bridge to Ethereum

Degods also revealed its strategic decision to migrate y00ts to the Ethereum blockchain. This comes after y00ts accepted a $3 million grant from Polygon in January and bridged it in early 2023. The migration date to Ethereum has not yet been announced. This decision has led to much backlash and speculation, with some community members believing that “the tech Polygon “promised is not there.”

Introducing ‘Points Parlor’

Adding another layer of intrigue, Degods introduced a novel points system, Points Parlor, that promises to revolutionize how users get rewarded from NFT projects. The $DUST collected from the Season III art update will be used for the Points Parlor prize pool. Prizes will be given to holders who stake their DeGods/y00ts NFTs, rewarding loyalty. More details will be announced.

Following the announcement, Frank Degods took to Twitter to apologize to his community for ‘fumbling.’ He adds that he hates disappointing the community and will adjust his approach.

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