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As the Bitcoin NFT trend continues unabated, Ethereum token holders have been given a chance to migrate their assets to the network. However, what is being dubbed as a ‘bridge,’ could be better described as an ‘exile.’

Milady Maker tribute project, Bitcoin Miladys, has partnered with Ordinals Market and Xverse to launch the ‘Ordinals Bridge.’ Effectively, this new portal will offer Ethereum ERC-721 NFT holders the opportunity to migrate their assets to the Bitcoin Network. The team will achieve this feat by consigning the original NFT to a burn wallet, then recreating it on the other side with a new ‘BRC-721e’ token standard.

Bitcoin Migrated Ethereum NFTs Raise a Few Eyebrows

The potential of moving Ethereum NFTs ignites a philosophical conundrum within the folds of the blockchain. Essentially, the term ‘burn’ represents something of a misnomer, as the NFT is not erased or destroyed. Instead, it is consigned to a wallet that no-one has control over, effectively removing it from circulation.

Previously, when bridging NFTs to another blockchain, the original is held in situ until a time that the owner wishes to restore it to its original chain. However, as the Bitcoin solution involves removing the original from circulation, and replicating it on the new chain, it raises the question whether it’s a true representation of the original at all. Despite these questions however, it will, as always, be the market that decides.

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