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Celebrating his two-year journey in the NFT world, renowned DJ, artist, and producer, Agoria, is debuting unconventional royalty-sharing tokens for his collectors. As such, the founder of the Sapiens record label’s way of saying “thank you” includes sharing a stake in royalties from his upcoming track to community members, humorously known as “Agorians”. 

Agoria’s track has already become the life of the party for revelers in Ibiza, but hold onto your dance shoes as the tune debut is in June at this year’s NFC Lisbon event in the heart of Portugal! All participating Agorians can receive a complimentary tipple (or ten!). 

Synergizing with Bolero 

Breathing life into the project, Agoria is jamming with the Web3 music platform Bolero, tapping into it’s recently-launched ‘Song Shares’ feature. Thereby, fans holding an NFT-based song in their wallet can earn rewards through the Agoria royalty-sharing token on Bolero’s service. A weighty 90% of Agorians Song shares are being set aside for the collectors of the DJs Ethereum and Tezos NFT artworks. On the flip side, Bolero users can purchase the leftover 10% for $25 per Song Share. 

Collectors must create a Bolero account and connect their wallet to the platform to access their sweet symphony of royalties. This shift toward redistribution and traceability is being used to encourage creators and artists into the blockchain world with a fairer and more direct structure, reshaping the music industry’s dynamics. 

Amplifying Agoria’s NFT Venture 

Since joining the NFT space in 2021 and minting artworks on Foundation, Agoria broadened his presence by joining other platforms like SuperRare and OBJKT. During the exploration of the NFT medium, Agoria has fostered a vibrant community of collectors who appreciate his distinctive artistic flair. 

Further boosting his presence in the NFT realm, Agoria has collaborated with scientists, including the biologist Alice Meunier, to venture into the intersection of music and neuroscience. The DJ believes NFTs can share scientific discoveries with the world, experimenting with AI tools to create biological generative artworks that are well-received. 

Agoria’s scientific voyage has led to profound recognition in the digital art scene, fortifying Agoria as a notable figure in the NFT sphere. The overwhelming connections and enthusiasm forged during his journey have outperformed the NFT curator’s initial expectations, presenting himself to a wide-ranging network of curators, galleries, museums, and various platforms on-chain. 

As Agoria continues exploring the NFT world, charting new frontiers of artistry, the future holds engaging possibilities for his royalty-sharing tokens, the artist himself, and supportive community members. The convergence of art, music and technology sets the foundation for a transformative and innovative landscape where Agoria’s contributions will continue to strike a chord with global audiences. 

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