NFT REVIEW NEWS Dior ‘B33 Sneakers’ Kickstart Metaverse Initiative

High-end fashion house, Dior, is re-stepping into the crypto world, introducing a new range of men’s footwear that include NFTs. ‘B33 Sneakers’ is Dior’s forthcoming Fall/Winter collection, and Ethereum NFTs present digital duplicates of the shoes, taking strides on July 6.

Priced at $1,350 a pair, the Dior B33 Sneakers, designed by the brand’s iconic designer Kim Jones, accompany cryptographic keys that grant buyers access to the Dior Metaverse and other exclusive services that currently remain undisclosed. Once having the in, those interested must swiftly secure their spot, considering only 470 pairs of trainers wrapped in mohair fabric will be up for grabs.

Dior’s Blockchain-Fueled Past 

Dior began exploring blockchain technology in 2021, launching a virtual experience in collaboration with Harrods, merging virtual and physical spaces through ‘Atelier of Dreams’. The Metaverse presents the brand values of both beauty giants, enabling 24/7 access worldwide for consumers to venture into the magical space to directly purchase products. 

Pursuing success, Dior joined forces with Meta Media in 2022 to unveil the first Metaverse fashion show in China, ‘On the Road’, built by Baidu, the country’s dominant internet search engine. Moreover, this same year, the fashion house began dressing drivers in the Metaverse, with Jones designing digital collectibles specifically for Gran Turismo 7. 

Dior’s parent company, Moët Hennessy Louis Vuitton (LVMH), has also explored NFTs through its sub-brand Louis Vuitton (LV). On June 16, LV debuted an NFT collection called ‘Treasure Trunk‘, representing the brand’s iconic trunk. Each NFT is priced around $42,000 apiece, and cannot be traded or transferred, making exclusivity of the assets significant, therefore, all more tantalizing. Original Treasure Trunk owners can enjoy limited-edition customizable products, bespoke items, early releases, and more under LV’s first blockchain series, ‘VIA’.

Stepping forward, the fashion behemoth plans to debut six additional styles of the Dior B33 sneakers, priced between $1,000 – $1,100. These future versions will include NFC chips embedded in the soles, enabling close-range wireless communication between items. Similarly, the subsequent release of B33 will similarly enable buyers to access the luxury brand’s virtual world.

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