NFT REVIEW NEWS Digital Artworks by Keith Haring to Enter Christie’s NFT Auction

Christie’s Auction House is ready to auction five digital artworks by the late Keith Haring — celebrated for his pop art and social justice work in the 1980s — through an NFT drop from September 12-20. The renowned masterpieces are expected to go under the auction hammer for a mighty $220,000 to $500,000 apiece.

Dubbed ‘Keith Haring: Pixel Pioneer’, the online NFT auction will spotlight Haring’s talents, created in 1987 on a Commodore Amiga computer gifted to the legend by Timothy Leary. The digital images, formerly only accessible on floppy disk, will shortly be available on the Ethereum blockchain.

Marking an intriguing international tour of Haring’s classic artworks embracing innovation, these artistic triumphs will also be spotlighted at Korea’s ‘The Gateway’ event from September 7-8 and Christie’s, New York, from September 14-19, owing to a recent collaboration with the worldwide licensing agency Artestar and collaborative tech specialist Digital Practice.

Digital Artworks by Keith Haring to Enter Christie’s NFT Auction

The Intersection Between Traditional and Modern Day Art

Haring, who sadly passed away in 1990 from AIDS-related health issues, had a broad philosophy that “art is for everybody”. For this reason, he continues being famous for his bold, repetitive figure images and dedication to making art accessible for everyone. Back in the artist’s heyday, his artworks were often viewable in public spaces, like the New York subway. Interestingly, these artworks went beyond being digital, capturing the attention of passersby through chalk. Because of challenging the norms of traditional art consumption, the Vice President of Christie’s, Nicole Sales Giles, believes that if Haring were here, he would advocate for the medium behind crypto art. 

In light of correlated ideologies between today’s digital art landscape and the traditional domain of creatives, both are increasingly intersecting, with LACMA NFTs being a notable, recent example. 

Given Haring’s history and appeal, these forthcoming Christie’s auctions and exhibitions are anticipated to attract a vast spectrum of collectors, from conventional art enthusiasts to Web3 fanatics alike. 

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