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Doodles has recently been on a mission, first acquiring Golden Wolf animation studio and then debuting Doodles 2 on Flow. The renowned blue-chip NFT project has now taken more significant strides, creating digital and physical attire as Chief Brand Officer, Pharrell Williams, collaborates with four major fashion labels, including Adidas, to launch the Doodles “Pharrell Pack”. 

To kick start Doodles new “Pharrell Pack” airdrop, Doodles recently launched “Doodles 2 Character Builder” in the Stoodio. As such, Doodlers can showcase a unique identity — one of which is personal to them — across multiple accounts. Additionally, in the app, they can browse the wearables they possess to switch up their look or purchase new items in the marketplace to present themselves as being more sassy than ever. 

The team behind the NFT project continuously modifies the wearables presented in the Stoodio, jazzing up the project and keeping fans enticed by offering the surprise factor and state-of-the-art goods for extra customization fun including organic traits. 

Advantages of ‘Pharrell Pack’

Boosting Doodles 2 Collectibles to higher heights, Doodles brings major brands into the NFT project’s colorful world. Doodles CBO, Pharrell Williams, has been going above and beyond to create a growing universe of products with Adidas Samba. Other partnerships to create significant digital and physical fashion attire for Doodlers include Humanrace, Billionaire Boys Club, and Icecream. 

Featuring Pharrell’s new big branded goods, the songwriter and Doodles brand ambassador, has created a collection of digital and physical wearables to be included in the “Pharrell Pack”. However, only 300 Doodlers will be lucky enough to enjoy these exclusive goods. 

Each Pack boasts a trio of unique digital wearables, a voucher for a physical item, and a code to access and redeem the items on Stoodio’s beta platform. A colorful selection of digital non-green Sambas will showcase in 252 of the packs, complete with physical versions of the vibrant sneakers. On top of that, 48 of these packs hold a digital wearable and coveted redeemable treasures. 

Logistics Behind the Airdrop 

The Doodles team will randomly select the 300 winners from a lottery, however, they must then achieve the following to open the rewards: 

  • Create a Stoodio account 
  • Transfer their original Doodles NFT to the platform
  • Design a Doodles 2 character 
  • Launch a Genesis Box

Lucky winners of a Pharrell Pack must redeem their physical items from June 6 – June 15 and digital items one month after the launch date on May 5 via the Gaia marketplace, linking either their Ethereum (ETH) or Flow (FLOW) wallet. Winners can also buy, sell, and explore more collectibles via Gaia, including their Pharrell Pack rewards.

Doodles will destroy all unclaimed certificates if not claimed during these time frames, leading to a loss of limited-edition prizes. So, winners, be time cautious! 

This reward system exemplifies physical and digital realms while highlighting the advantages of NFTs. Such digital assets can elevate the experience for devoted members and open prizes outside of the Web3 sphere. 

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