NFT REVIEW NEWS Diesel Spotlights NFT Access Passes for Milan Fashion Week

Diesel is granting access to 300 guests at the Milan Fashion Week show on September 20 through its latest NFT release, available now for $60 a pop!

Under the creative direction of Glenn Martens, Diesel has teamed up with the dedicated NFT music marketplace, Public Pressure, to launch the 300 limited-run digital collectibles. These NFTs are held on the Polkadot and Polygon blockchains, allowing users to choose their preferred blockchain ecosystem.

The primary perk of owning one of these Metamorph NFTs includes exclusive access to the fashion brand’s upcoming Spring 2024 collection at Milan Fashion Week, and for holders to join the ranks of buyers, editors, and influencers in attendance. Despite already sounding appealing, an exclusive soundtrack from composer Senjan Jansen, the brand’s fashion show sound architect, makes these Metamorph assets all the more attractive.

Holders can also gain access to music events organized by Public Pressure and enjoy a virtual experience crafted by media-tech artists Artificial Rome starting November 2.

Diesel’s NFT Endeavors, Exploring Fashion and Tech

Diesel’s venture into the world of Web3 began in the spring of 2022 when the fashion brand embarked on a transformative journey by launching the NFT platform D:VERSE, led by Public Pressure.

Public Pressure is profoundly committed to utilizing blockchain technology to empower artists with a more equitable share of revenue, a stark contrast to the traditional streaming platforms. Metamorph NFTs mark Diesel’s third NFT drop in collaboration with Public Pressure. The previous two releases made headlines, selling out within less than a day earlier this year.

Moreover, Diesel’s earlier foray into the NFT space interestingly includes a partnership with the streetwear collective HAPE, consisting of exclusive limited-edition physical crossbody bags, adding an intriguing tangible and collectible dimension to their NFT offerings. HAPE PRIME NFTs currently have a floor price of around $333 (0.2091 ETH) on OpenSea.

With this latest venture, Diesel continues to push the boundaries of fashion, art, and technology, solidifying its position as an industry pioneer committed to reshaping the Web3 landscape. Through exclusive soundtracks, virtual experiences, and limited-edition collectibles, Diesel’s Metamorph NFTs offer a glimpse into the future of fashion and the fashion brand’s intersection within the digital world.

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