NFT REVIEW NEWS DeLabs’ Triple Treat – Chain Switch, DeGods III and a Points Parlor

DeLabs has been on a roll these past few days with a trio of fresh updates: revealing y00ts latest chain switch from Polygon to Ethereum, coinciding with the launch of DeGods Season III and a ‘Points Parlor’.

DeLabs aims to bring the y00ts and DeGods community together while attracting new collectors with 20,000 new DeGods NFTs, enriched with four fresh generative art features and a captivating rewards-based points system.

A Look into y00ts Migration

y00ts has been going hopping through chains recently. In April, the NFT project transitioned from Solana to Polygon, with 11,633 out of the project 15,000 making the switch. Although y00ts claims to still “love Polygon”, the moment has come to merge y00ts and DeGods. 

Displaying an act of honesty, the y00ts team declared it would hand back a $3 million grant previously secured by Polygon Labs in January to assist the project’s transition. The funds can now be reinvested to bolster the NFT ecosystem and support creators and builders on Polygon instead.

The community’s feedback has been mixed. Some notable NFT figures in the Web3 area are rallying behind the founder of the NFT project, FrankDeGods, whereby others are voicing their concerns about the health of Polygon’s NFT environment.

DeGods III NFTs and Points Parlor

Adding to the excitement of DeLabs’ y00ts chain switch is DeGods Season III, introducing 20,000 new NFTs to the world of blockchain art with “no dilution”. 

Each DeGod comprises four unique pieces, each presenting a female avatar. Collectors can exchange the NFTs at a 1:1 ratio in return for a male counterpart, revealing a new perspective to the Season III avatars.  

Valuing community suggestions, all unwanted traits have been rooted out, showcasing DeLabs’ loyalty to foster user-orientated enhancements. The recently introduced NFTs have innovative traits, poses, enhanced shading, refined designs and vibrant colors. 

On Sunday, all collectors can update their avatars for 333 $DUST. 100% of the proceeds will be added to the DeGods III Points Parlor prize pool, enabling all owners of the NFTs to collect points to win prizes.

As the NFT realm continues to evolve, projects like DeLabs, attuned to both community sentiment and technology, are set to lead the way.

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