NFT REVIEW NEWS Decentraland Unveils Yearly Calendar of Virtual Marvels

The virtual wonderland, Decentraland, has plenty of tricks up its sleeve, showcasing a yearly calendar full of fun-filled events. The canvas of activities provides artistic expressions, architectural marvels, and cutting-edge ideas to flourish.

Whether being into art, technology, music, food, travel or more, there’s a little something for everyone! The excitement starts next month, and runs until December 2024!

 A Year-Long Journey of Innovative Events

This month, virtual builders and creators are invited to showcase their incredible masterpieces, contributing to the ever-evolving digital space by making their mark on the monthly event calendar. There’s already plenty of captivating events in the works: 

        • September: Inspired by the Venice Biennale and Expo and organized by W3rls, Dearch Space and Metancy, the first event, Design Month, spotlights structural pioneers behind Killa Design, LAVA, and KWKN. A Buildathon hosted by Renovi also invites all digital creators and artists to embrace Decentraland’s Editor to enhance their creativity and win prizes along the way. 
        • October: The spookiest month of the year is making strides with AI, offering a gamified ecosystem for users to test the machine learning tools when partaking in a fair designed by Verse Digital. 
        • November: On the flip side, November is tuning into all things music, offering a platform for Web3 musicians to curate tracks on the Metaverse and show off their talents. During this month, Burning Man fans must attend Decentraland Music Fest, which similarly embodies the spirit of self-expression and unity through the power of community, sounds and art. 
        • December: As this year concludes, Decentraland rekindles the holiday festivities for an entire month with Winter Wonderland. Users can partake in Christmas-related mini-games, an enticing treasure hunt, snowball fights and much more. Party-goers will also enjoy the New Year’s party on December 31, marking the end of the year with vibrant celebrations in innovative ways. 
        • January: Like in the real world, the community will prioritize their well-being and health in January. Decentraland will offer a hub for activities promoting the mind, body, and spirit, and it will achieve such goals through mediation circles, yoga sessions and diet support groups.
        • February: With the Metaverse Motor Show in the works, this month is perfect for all motor lovers. It will connect global communities with world-renowned car brands, presenting digital showcases, runway shows, thrilling races and more. 
        • March: Now, what is a Metaverse without glamor? March is the perfect time for all fashion lovers and brands to show the world the power of beauty virtually. Technology innovations in fashion will be showcased, with International Women’s Day adding to its appeal. 
        • April: This month brings together practically everyone – just like food does! Food Month is an excellent way for foodies to celebrate cuisines worldwide and master their cooking skills through chef classes and interactive games.
        • May: Metaverse Travel Week brings all travel lovers to explore numerous nations and win big prizes from celebrated brands in the travel industry, bringing entirely fresh dimensions to holiday bookings.
        • June: Bursting with creativity, June’s Entertainment Month is preparing to host the first-ever Indie Film Festival on the Metaverse/. The DCL Film Club and Pride Parade are also ready to return following past success. 

Whether being an artist, creator, builder, or just plain curious, the Decentraland yearly calendar is ready to enrich all virtual existences, connecting communities together through shared interests. So, mark your calendars for the fun that lies ahead.

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