NFT REVIEW NEWS Decentraland Kicks off its ‘Lucid Dreams’ Game Jam

Calling all builders, Metaverse degens, and creative minds, the Decentraland Game Jam is now live! Affording those with a desire to change the world an opportunity to let loose their imagination and bring their dreams to life.

Running from now until 11:59pm UTC on July 10, Decentraland invites one and all to compete in its Game Jam ’23. Effectively, providing those with a talent for ingenuity to build an interactive experience in the Metaverse, based on the theme of ‘Lucid Dreams.’

In order to qualify for the competition, teams of up to 6 people must develop an immersive Metaverse venue using Decentraland’s SDK7, while also incorporating at least one piece of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology into their build. How they achieve this, is then left up to the imagination of those taking part.

Prior to the Game Jam deadline, all participants must complete the relevant submission form, including a public link to the scene’s postscript. After which, Decentraland’s panel of eminent judges will declare the winners on July 24.

Grand Prizes Await the Best Entries in the Decentraland Game Jam

A trove of incredible prizes awaits the best builders in town, who will receive a selection of $MANA, LAND, Polygon Swag, and wearables for their efforts, with each entry judged on uniqueness, thematic relevance, usability, interactivity, use of AI, and ‘wow’ factor.

The prizes on offer include:

  • First Place – 5k $MANA, 2 LAND, Polygon swag
  • Second Place – 2k $MANA, 1 LAND, Polygon swag
  • Third-Fifth Place – 1k $MANA, Polygon Swag

In addition, one community choice award will see one participant walk away with 1k $MANA, 1 LAND and Polygon swag, while a further 25 notable entries will receive 100 $MANA to allow them to set up a Decentraland NAME. To cap off the incredible competition, all entries will also receive a token Decentraland Game Jam wearable!

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