NFT REVIEW NEWS DeAPlaneta Unleashes NFT Power with MetaGuardians Comics

Leading entertainment hub, DeAPlaneta Entertainment, is unmasking its recently acquired famed Metaverse superheroes, MetaGuardians, in a series of NFT comics from July 22.

Accompanied by an upcoming sequence of audiovisuals and a future online game, the inaugural MetaGuardians NFT comic ‘Volume 1 – The Nexus’ will launch on the official MetaGuardians website and two pioneering secondary marketplaces, OpenSea and Blur, expanding the virtual champions’ growth through amusement outlets on-chain.

A Sneak Peek into MetaGuardians’ NFT Comics

Acquiring MetaGuardians in May 2023, DeAPlaneta Entertainment is on a mission to pepper its universe with superheroes, villains and sidekicks, developing a revolutionary infrastructure whereby MetaGuardians NFT owners have unique advantages that boost their Metaverse presence. Fueled by sarcasm and humor, the MetaGuardians are now established as a global entertainment IP, merging both reality and the digital world.

The enticing story arc of this NFT comic collection was created by DeAPlaneta Entertainment’s Digital team and has had the collaboration and approval of the original creators of MetaGuardians, the brothers Antubel Moreda (designer of popular games such as Plants vs. Zombies, Bejeweled or Zombie Gunship Survival) and Bernal Moreda, and Kiefer Johnston (MaestroH on Discord).

The story delves into the lives of four contrasting protagonists — Tixel, Burpees, Shell and Seiyu — each belonging to a group of ‘Metanauts,’ that spend their time exploring the Metaverse. On their journey, the skilled MetaGuardian, Banzai Lemon, changed their lives with a ‘Golden Power Stone’, enabling them to create a strong bond with the elusive first generation guardian, Genesis. This marks just the beginning of the MetaGuardians odyssey, and as the tale develops, more excitement awaits.

DeAPlaneta Unleashes NFT Power with MetaGuardians Comics

MetaGuardians Draws on the Engagement of its Community

The inaugural release will offer 3,000 limited-edition virtual English copies of the comic, priced at around €50 (0.029 ETH) each. Further shaping the MetaGuardians NFT comics is a uniquely generated cover, numerous formats and media, and a level mode that changes depending on the amount of NFT comics collectors purchase.

Part of the core ethos of DeAPlaneta’s goal for the MetaGuardians project involves the participation and engagement of its community members. With this in mind, it has enabled the input of its NFT holders in the decision-making process. To facilitate this groundbreaking model, DeAPlaneta has developed a 4-level participation scale based upon the number of NFTs held by each member. These are, Superhero Apprentice, Herald of Justice, Veteran Keeper, and Protocol Peak, with higher levels providing a greater say in the direction of the storyline and evolution of the characters.

  • Level 1: Superhero Apprentice (1 NFT comic)
  • Level 2: Herald of Justice (2 NFT comics)
  • Level 3: Veteran Keeper (3 to 9 NFT comics)
  • Level 4: Protocol Peak Hero (more than 10 NFT comics)

Furthermore, DeAPlaneta also aims to reward longstanding supporters of the MetaGuardians project who buy their first comic book by granting them a second one for free. This will then effectively place them in the second, Herald of Justice, tier and automatically give them a greater share in the decision making process.

DeAPlaneta Entertainment already produces and manages iconic brands like Heidi, Milo, Maya the Bee, and Miraculous Ladybug, creating fascinating content and stories for a varied viewership. Showing willingness to push boundaries, the entertainment company is exploring new territories with its first MetaGuardians ‘Volume 1 – The Nexus’ comic, which is already highly-anticipated by Web3 enthusiasts. 

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