NFT REVIEW NEWS Crypto Unicorns Debuts Web3 Gaming Platform

The Crypto Unicorns are having a blinding week, first going toe to toe with Pegaxy in a brawl for the ages, and now announcing its own Web3 mobile gaming platform. As a result, collectors can utilize their NFTs in an all-new competitive environment optimized for Android smartphones.

Through the new ‘Unicorn Party’ gaming ecosystem, Crypto Unicorns will launch a series of multiplayer PvP titles that utilize the project’s IP. These will allow collectors to import their Crypto Unicorns NFTs and take on other combatants in a 2–10 player arena, and earn a share of $RBW tokens. However, in order to onboard the more casual gamer into the Web3 world, the team has also launched a free to play mode that doesn’t require NFTs or a crypto wallet.

The first new game to launch through the initiative comes in the shape of ‘Bumpercorns,’ a frantic battle royale where players must ‘bump’ each other out of the arena. Upon dispatching a foe, the vanquisher’s Unicorn will grow in size and power as it continues to hunt down the remaining players in the game.

Crypto Unicorns Lines Up Additional Titles for the Unicorn Party

As the new gaming platform expands, Crypto Unicorns will add more and more titles to the ecosystem. Essentially looking to provide a wider variety of utility for the 140k strong NFT collection and make the most of its intellectual property. Each game will be optimized to play using Android devices, however, the platform is also available via a standard web browser.

The next game on the horizon, Mob Run, will arrive in July, and feature players competing for the affection of ‘gummy friends’ by whatever means necessary.

“Unicorn Party creates accessibility for a wide range of players while embracing the exciting opportunities that decentralized technologies offer. We’re thrilled to continue building upon this vision and bringing even more fun and engaging experiences to the crypto gaming world.” – Aron Beierschmitt – CEO of Parent Company, Laguna Games

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