NFT REVIEW NEWS Copenhagen Fashion Week Teams Up With Drest

Copenhagen Fashion Week, Scandinavia’s premier fashion event, has teamed up with the luxury mobile style game, Drest, which will allow users to have their own bit of fun by styling avatars and assembling streetwear outfits, all within Drest’s virtual space. 

From August 7 to August 12, users can engage in daily in-game challenges that evoke the ambiance of the front row at runway shows and capture the essence of renowned street style photographers such as Phil Oh and Tommy Ton.

The collaboration is not just a nod to immersive virtual fashion, but also a celebration of Nordic brands, including Ganni, Remain, Cecilie Bahnsen, and Stine Goya. These brands will be showcased against the backdrop of iconic Danish locales, integrating brand narratives with the rich tapestry of Denmark’s cultural landmarks.

Launched in 2019, Drest plays host to over 260 luxury brands, including fashion powerhouses like Gucci, Prada, and Burberry. These partnerships are facilitated through online retailer Farfetch and direct brand associations.

“In recent years, Copenhagen Fashion Week has established itself as one of the most fun, energetic and playful showcases internationally,” said Drest founder and CEO Lucy Yeomans. 

Prior to Drest, Yeomans served as editor-in-chief at Net-a-Porter magazine Porter and Harper’s Bazaar UK.

She also remarked on the sustainability ethos of these showcased brands, an element that allows for users to better discover “purpose-led brands.” 

The game’s challenges are rooted in real-world events and luxury brands, allowing players to style a model avatar. Once a challenge is completed, the community votes on the final look. Digital wearables within the game can be acquired for free, earned, or purchased. 

$19M Funding Round

In June, Drest announced its funding round of $19.1 million, bringing its total funding to $38.2 million. 

Currently, Drest operates outside of today’s Web3 framework. However, it shared that the newly raised capital is already earmarked for the development of a “metaverse-enabled” version of the current product. Players would be able to have enhanced social interactions within the game and a number of additionally branded challenges designed to elevate the player experience.

Drest’s trajectory also includes capitalizing on its “250% year-on-year user base growth.” The company is exploring additional games within the Web3 and lifestyle domains, with research and development initiatives slated for the next 18 months. 

The company previously collaborated with the Oetker Collection luxury hospitality group, which included iconic hotel locations like the Eden Rock at Saint Barths and Le Bristol Paris. Both locations were integrated into Drest’s in-game fashion challenges. In March, Drest and Le Bristol debuted their NFT collection, Le Bristol Unlocked.

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