NFT REVIEW NEWS Coinbase’s Base Network Public Launch: Free NFT

Deep within the engine-house of the Web3 domain the unseen cogs of progress have begun to whir into motion. Following the launch of Consensys’ Linea blockchain, Coinbase is about to follow suit with its equally Impressive Base Network.

Differing slightly from its MetaMask affiliated competitor, Base will utilize Optimism Rollups as opposed to Linea’s Zero Knowledge equivalent. This essentially means that Base transactions will occur at slightly slower speeds, but will represent a more secure process as the network must first validate those transactions on chain. However, even with this delay, Base will still outperform Ethereum in nearly every way.

Layer 2 networks such as Base have come into being due to Ethereum’s tendency to become congested during periods of high transaction volume. To remedy this, a new generation of Ethereum compatible side chains have come into being that perform bulk transactions off-chain, and ease the burden on the parent network.

What this means for the average user, is that they will be able to use Ethereum compatible applications and tools with faster transaction fees and faster processing times. In addition to allowing developers to quickly deploy new decentralized applications (dApps) using the infrastructure.

Base Gets off to a Flying Start with Onchain Summer

In order to celebrate its mighty roll-out to the public on August 9, Base Network has launched its impressive Onchain Summer event. Through this mighty initiative, fans of the blockchain can engage with a summer-long spectacle of art, music, gaming and more!

What’s more, those jumping on the Base freight train early by bridging onto network can claim a free NFT for their troubles. Essentially, rewarding early adopters with a high-tech digital collectible!

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