NFT REVIEW NEWS Bright Moments, Gotham Host Live Minting for Artist Nicole Vella

New York City’s groundbreaking cultural and cannabis concept store, Gotham, is gearing up for the final installment of its vibrant digital generative art series, collaborating with the renowned digital art gallery Bright Moments

The upcoming event, titled ‘If You Could Do It All Again,’ will feature the creative ingenuity of Gotham’s Artist in Residence for the month, Nicole Vella.

Vella’s unique artistic exploration delves into the nuanced notion of time’s relentless forward motion, while also contemplating its seemingly elusive ability to pause. ‘If You Could Do It All Again’ proposes an intriguing concept of cyclical time, suggesting that our lives are intricately woven within loops of experience. 

The collection, a mesmerizing 2D grid of colors, expertly manipulated, reflected, and diffused through a rotating glass-like 3-D structure, encapsulates this philosophical musing.

Credit: Nicole Vella

With a penchant for installations that challenge how audiences perceive reality, Vella’s work often contemplates technology’s influence on the human experience. This latest collection, showcased at Gotham, is a testament to her continued dedication to pushing artistic boundaries.

Gotham, in addition to its artistic endeavors, offers a selection of premium cannabis products, branded items, fashion pieces, and lifestyle products. This diverse range of offerings is complemented by a commitment to meaningful change. 

Setting itself apart from just any cannabis concept store, Gotham partnered with STRIVE, an organization dedicated to harnessing the power of education, jobs, and opportunities for individuals previously incarcerated for marijuana offenses.

Bright Moments, the pioneering NFT Art Gallery that originally emerged in Venice Beach, has gained international acclaim for its live IRL minting experiences, best known for one of its signature projects, the pixel art collection CryptoCitizens by Qian Qian. These live minting experiences are held in various cities worldwide. 

The live open edition minting event, a hallmark of the collaborative series, is scheduled for Thursday, August 24th, from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM ET. The gathering will occur at Gotham’s prominent two-story retail and gallery space, 3 East 3rd Street, New York, NY 10003.

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