NFT REVIEW NEWS Bit Heroes Runner Makes Thrilling Debut on IOS and Android

Get ready to embark on a frantic voyage through the Bitverse as Kongregate brings its interoperable Web3 universe to the masses. From today, thrill seekers can feel the warm breath of the Titan on their backs as Bit Heroes Runner makes its debut on mobile.

Flying the flag for casual Web3 gaming, its full steam ahead for kongregate and its incredibly immersive Bitverse. Now bringing its frenzied pixelated side scroller to both iOS and Android devices, dropping a free-to-play version of the game backed up with an incredible optional Web3 feature.

Within the game, players must race into the great unknown, doing whatever is necessary to evade the inevitable clutches of the relentless Titan. Through an exhilarating, heart pounding platformer, they must employ cat-like reflexes to jump, roll, and dash to overcome obstacles and foes, while also collecting coins and gems with which to upgrade gear and equipment.

Players will face a fresh challenge each month, and during each phase, they can either go it alone or go head-to-head with fellow runners.

Unlock the Power of the Bitverse

Despite coming in as a standalone, free-to-play title, Bit Heroes Runner will truly come to life when connecting up a crypto wallet. After which, players can import their Bit Heroes NFTs and hook up their gaming experience to the rest of the Bitverse environment.

Once connected, the NFTs will store in-game progress from Bit Heroes Runner, and its Bitverse partner games, while also qualifying collectors for an exclusive series of bespoke experiences and challenges. Therefore, allowing players to truly own their gaming experience and record it on-chain forever!

Kronengate’s Bit Heroes Runner Makes Thrilling Debut on IOS and Android

kongregate’s Bitverse Continues to Grow and Evolve

Bit Heroes Runner comes in as the second Bitverse game to hit the mobile market, following the debut of its flagship Bit Heroes Quest. This hugely popular initial outing has achieved a mammoth 5 million+ downloads along with an impressive 4.6/5 user rating. More games are under development, with new games coming to the Bitverse soon!

Find out more about the Bitverse >> Here

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