NFT REVIEW NEWS Beeple Audacious CryptoPunk NFT Purchase

NFT art superstar, Beeple, has once again raised eyebrows, this time with the audacious acquisition of CryptoPunk #4593. As a result, the move brings him firmly into the PFP community as one of its most high-profile members.

Beeple’s CryptoPunk journey began on July 24 when he called on his legion of Twitter followers to help with his buying decision. Essentially, looking for advice on how to buy the best punk available, as he had surprisingly never bought a PFP NFT before. His following then rose to the occasion and the suggestions came flooding in.

After great deliberation and much discussion on the matter, Mr. Winkleman (Beeple) settled on CryptoPunk #4593. An item revered on the circuit for its dual clown features accompanied by a classic punk mohawk. Once in possession of the item, the art star announced the acquisition in true Beeple fashion, by sharing an ‘Everydays’ artwork featuring himself in the guise of his new CryptoPunk NFT.

Beeple Spends Big to Enter the World of CryptoPunk NFTs

Despite the current state of the NFT market, Beeple’s CryptoPunk purchase didn’t come cheap, setting him back a cool 113.690 ETH ($208k). A remarkable figure considering that fellow blue-chip high flyer, the Bored Ape Yacht Club, recently saw its floor price dip below 30 ETH for the first time since 2021. Following the sale, Beeple’s new CryptoPunk NFT has taken up home in a crypto wallet full of Chromie squiggles.

A prominent figure in the cryptoart scene, Beeple famously helped kickstart the modern NFT movement when his ‘Everydays: The First 5000 Days’ set of artworks sold for an eyewatering $69 million. Since then, NFTs have had a wild and unpredictable ride as they have carved a space for themselves in the digital era.

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