NFT REVIEW NEWS Bäumer Vendôme Phygital NFT Jewelry Collection

Straddling the intersection between fashion and technology, high end Parisian jeweler, Bäumer Vendôme, has debuted an innovative new phygital NFT project. The company has joined forces with, Ledger, Next Decade, and Societhy, to launch an NFT-backed physical ring that unlocks a series of amazing real-life benefits.

Through the exquisite new project, Bäumer Vendôme has created 19 unique rings featuring the ‘Rose de Damas,’ the Damascus rose. Each item composed of one of 8 different gemstones, Diamond, Sapphire, Ruby, Amethyst, Tanzanite, Tourmaline, Citrine, and Black Diamond. These rings also include an NFT counterpart that will allow holders to unlock a series of incredible benefits.

Those looking to pick up one of the 21st century artefacts will need to dip into the piggy bank, with each one costing between €116,000 and €320,000, and available via the NFT platform. However, folks that do take the leap, will receive a finely crafted 3D NFT that they can redeem for the physical item, in addition to an immersive virtual reality trip through the crafting process, and membership to an exclusive club that will include a tailored experience in Paris.

For more information, sign up to the project >> Here

Bäumer Vendôme Partners with a Trio of Web3 Heavyweights

In order to craft the best possible experience for holders, Bäumer Vendôme has partnered with three major players in the Web3 industry. Firstly, it has enlisted the services of Next Decade to create the stunning new NFTs and link them to their respective experiences. Secondly, it has brought Ledger into the fold, to guide new collectors through the onboarding process, and set them up with a hardware wallet. Finally, it has linked up with to manage and facilitate the sale and ongoing ownership of each token.

Over recent years, high-end fashion has emerged as a champion of NFT technology, seeing it as a way for luxury brands to provide personalized experiences to their customers. Now however, with Bäumer Vendôme arriving on the scene, it may have witnessed one of its greatest drops yet!

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