NFT REVIEW NEWS Barrett Rifles Joins Digital Arms with NFT Collection

Get ready to pull the trigger on some of the highest caliber NFTs Web3 has ever seen. Legendary firearms producer, Barrett, has teamed up with the Digital Arms platform to launch an NFT collection featuring its world famous ‘M82A1’ assault rifle.

Through the exciting initiative, gun loving Web3 fanatics can collect a series of NFT rifles that will unlock a host of holder benefits. Beginning from June 28, those in the know can mint one of the unique tokens that will operate as a key to the Digital Arms platform.

More than just a homage to the formidable weapon however, each of the digital collectibles takes its design queues from the original CAD files. Which essentially means that it incorporates the official M82A1 designs to result in a faithful reproduction of the rifle.

Barrett Rifles Joins the Digital Arms Ecosystem with M82A1 NFT Collection

2222 High Caliber Barrett NFTs

Ready to lock and load, Barrett and the Digital Arms ecosystem will fire up 2,222 exclusive NFTs on June 28, each of which will include one of 5 differing skins over a range of varying scarcity. Once in possession, owners can then upgrade their unique assets with a number of additional skins and bolt-on attachments, which in turn, will enhance their status in on the Digital Arms platform.

Barrett Rifles Joins the Digital Arms Ecosystem with M82A1 NFT Collection

Digital Arms Loads an Array of Holder Benefits and Interoperability

In addition to the sweet aesthetics, the high-grade firearm will also provide a wealth of benefits to its owner. Firstly, it will operate as a functional gaming asset that will provide utility within a range of Digital Arms partner shoot-em-ups. As a result, it will allow token holders to showcase their assets within a virtual gaming environment.

Secondly, the NFTs will also act as a key into the Digital Arms ecosystem, where it will supercharge any holder’s experience. Through the power of Web3, it will grant access to incredible events, unique content, and its visionary community, while also boosting rewards within the Digital Arms bespoke staking mechanism.

So, lock and load, take aim, and fire yourself into the world of the Barrett M82A1 assault rifle, and the Digital Arms Web3 world!

Take a closer look at Digital Arms >> Here

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