NFT REVIEW NEWS anotherblock Spins Justin Bieber Track into Royalty-Sharing NFT

The teen idol Justin Bieber’s chart-topping track ‘Company’ is innovatively being converted into a royalty-sharing NFT. As of today, fans can earn a 1% royalty cut from the song’s streaming revenues, all thanks to a recent collaboration between the music-centric Web3 platform anotherblock and co-producer of the track, Andreas Schuller (‘Axident’). 

Since Company’s debut in March 2016, it has hit the 53rd position in the U.S. charts and secured a spot in Australia’s top 40. Skipping ahead to today, the tune carries a mighty 500 million international streams. 

Garnering hype around the pop star yet again, Company will be available to tune into through a limited supply of 2,000 NFTs worth $28 apiece. This initiative is similar to other music industry titans, like Rihanna, The Weeknd, Martin Garrix, Alan Walker and Offset, who have also found themselves on anotherblock’s bandwagon. 

Although Axident will continue maintaining the music ownership rights of this famous Bieber number, all owners of the soon-coming NFT can increase their fandom through passive income, getting paid each time Company is played! 

Turning Tunes into Revenue Gold On-Chain 

Throughout the years, anotherblock has embedded NFTs with projected earnings powered by Unchained Music, alongside numerous royalty-sharing NFT platforms on-chain, like Royal and SongBits. As music in the digital realm unfolds, fresh strategies continue to arise. 

Web3 initiatives have created a captivating outlook on the music industry, enabling direct interactions between fans and artists with the dedication to reshaping song distribution, production and monetization processes. Through NFTs — with their built-in assurance — a symphony of opportunities takes form, bolstering fan-artist relationships and ensuring equitable compensation for music creators and lovers via innovative means. 

To be terse, the harmony of NFTs can turn songs into financial bounty, forging a path toward a more even-handed and interconnected music ecosystem, and anotherblock is spearheading the movement. 

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