NFT REVIEW NEWS Animoca Japan Partners With Weebox, a New Brand for Anime and Manga Collectibles

In an exciting development for anime and manga enthusiasts worldwide, a newly-established digital collectible brand, Weebox, has unveiled its anime realm, San FranTokyo. The innovative venture is the brainchild of Animoca Brands Japan, a leading figure in the anime and manga industry.

Weebox’s CEO, Daisuke Iwase, also serves as the current CEO of Animoca Japan, where he brings a wealth of experience developing NFTs and digital collectibles with a focus on popular anime, manga, K-Pop, and J-Pop. The core team at Weebox also boasts NFT industry veteran, Fabiano Soriani, serving as the Chief Technology Officer. Soriani’s resume includes being an early team member at Dapper Labs and the Lead Blockchain Engineer behind the inception of the early NFT project, CryptoKitties.

Weebox’s distinct edge is its affiliations with renowned anime studios, manga publishers, figurine manufacturers, and an assortment of other intellectual property entities straight out of Japan. The brand aims to bring its users the best of the East through these partnerships.

Operating on the Ethereum blockchain, Weebox will be a platform where users can indulge in buying, selling, and trading premium licensed anime digital collectibles alongside an array of other related virtual goods.

Inside the world of SanFranTokyo

Credit: Weebox

In an authentic homage to the subcultures they aim to serve, the Weebox team has designed a long-term roadmap. Central to their vision is San FranTokyo, a fictional cityscape conceived as the vibrant nexus where their storytelling, brand identities, and intellectual properties will be vividly realized.

The Weebox team shares with nft now that San FranTokyo represents a vibrant fusion where the inventive dynamism of Silicon Valley intersects with the fascinating allure emanating directly from Japan. The team envisions San FranTokyo as a fertile ground for nurturing subcultures and fostering communities. They aim to create a city “where stories unfold, creators and artists can thrive, and [their] brand culture resonates deeply enough to become ingrained in people’s identities.”

Genesis Passes to San FranTokyo will aim to mint in August of 2023. The mint will be free and provide early benefits. Those interested can apply here.

The emergence of Weebox brings a new era for manga and anime enthusiasts. The brand astutely taps into the current popularity of anime NFTs and leverages the capabilities of Web3 technology to innovate it further through a marketplace and digital world.

“Weebox is determined and thrilled to be at the forefront of pushing the boundaries of pop culture, anime, and manga fandom,” said Andrew Lee, Chief Product Officer. “By enhancing experiences that bring web2 and Web3 licensed IP to mainstream audiences, we’re truly focused on bridging worlds and working with other leaders to further the organic and steady mass adoption of Web3.”

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