NFT REVIEW NEWS Aavegotchi x The Sandbox Forge Game with $SAND Rewards

The forward-thinking project that unites the NFT and DeFi sectors, Aavegotchi, and The Sandbox — a virtual world on the Ethereum blockchain — recently disclosed exciting plans for an interactive game and bountiful airdrop on the Metaverse, gearing up on October 25.

Players who partake in the Aavegotchi x Sandbox Metaverse experience can eagerly expect to delve into an interactive virtual world whereby more than 50,000 $SAND and 5,000 $GHST tokens will be handed out, alongside other captivating rewards that are currently kept under wraps. Interestingly, enabling all to share the good times, an Aavegotchi NFT is not required for participation — although doing so is said to open even more significant perks.

Notable Tributes to Esteemed Collaborators 

Aavegotchi hasn’t forgotten its partners and roots that assisted in advancing its new endeavor. The Aavegotchi x The Sandbox game will pay tributes to 0xPolygon Lab, Chainlink, and Lens Protocol. Players can hunt honorary acknowledgments surrounding these Web3 powerhouses when exploring the soon-to-be-launched venture as a token of appreciation. 

Moreover, highlighting the potential and power of DAOs in the blockchain landscape, the upcoming game wouldn’t have been possible without the helping hand of AavegotchiDAO, which played the all-important role of funding the original proof-of-concept and gaming experience. 

Other organizations and individuals notably involved in this collaboration include Sebastien Borget (The Sandbox’s COO), GameMakerFund (the designers behind The Sandbox), Voxedit (the masterminds behind The Sandbox’s editing tool), and numerous others who have aided Aavegotchi to bring its visions to life.

Now, Aavegotchi welcomes all community members to voice their future dreams and aspirations regarding its upcoming collaborations. 

As the Metaverse event comes close, anticipation surrounding Aavegotchi on The Sandbox is high, leaving fans of the NFT project enthusiastically pondering about what’s around the corner in the virtual ecosystem.

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