NFT REVIEW Moxy Spearheads a New Era of Esports with Triple Launch launched a new epoch in esports with a triple debut. The event included the platform’s launch, the MOXY token sale, and a thrilling influencer battle.

Marking a major step in the esports landscape, recently undertook a historic triple launch last weekend. This comprehensive debut brought the Moxy platform, its native asset, and the MOXY token sale to the global public. As a pioneer in the industry, Moxy introduces the new concept of on-demand esports for every type of gamer. The structure of this platform is established upon a worldwide gaming token enabled by blockchain technology, which allows for competitive gaming interactions.

MOXY Token Sale: Energizing the Esports Ecosystem

A standout moment of Moxy’s busy weekend was the public sale of MOXY tokens, destined to be the lifeblood of the Moxy ecosystem. The sale offered a chance for esports fans to secure these tokens. It enabled gaming devotees and crypto enthusiasts to join the flourishing Moxy economy. Acting as the engine of on-demand esports tournaments, these tokens provide a means to reward players with material benefits.

The Unforgettable Influencer Esports Clash & Platform Launch

In tandem with the launches, the platform hosted an unforgettable esports event, the “Battle of the Influencers.” This face-off saw leading internet influencers compete in a heated on-demand esports tournament, with a sizeable MOXY token reward pool claimed by the ultimate victor. The high-stakes contest demonstrated the thrilling competition and real payouts that typify the Moxy gaming experience.

The day reached its zenith with the official launch of the Moxy platform. With its open digital doors, the platform offers gamers worldwide the chance to immerse themselves in competitive gameplay and earn real payouts. Players can challenge each other in their favorite games from the Moxy catalog, engage in tournaments, and pocket MOXY tokens as their prizes.

Moxy’s New Gaming Chapter

A pivotal ethos for is to present an expansive assortment of games tailored to the multifaceted preferences of the esports community. The company acknowledges that every gamer has distinctive tastes. By enlarging their esports offering, they aim to satisfy various gaming interests.

The inauguration of the Moxy platform marks a new chapter in gaming, presenting a unique amalgamation of entertainment, rivalry, and tangible rewards that elevates the gaming experience. This significant launch occurred hot on the heels of Moxy’s partnership announcement with Stainless Games, enriching its game catalog with the popular 6v6 arena shooter game Shock Rods. These events and collaborations symbolize the ongoing growth and progression of the platform, underscoring its dedication to providing a diverse and rewarding gaming experience.

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