NFT REVIEW Moonbirds NFT Project Elevates On-Chain Art Through Strategic Partnership

Moonbirds, an NFT project renowned for its unique approach to on-chain art, has made significant strides in enhancing its offerings, thanks to a collaboration with Chromie Squiggle and the development of a custom processing engine. 

Transition to On-Chain

When Moonbirds first entered the scene, they took the route of launching off-chain while incorporating a feature for future on-chain upgrades in their contract. This transition commenced in November 2022 and allowed holders of these unique bird-themed NFTs to unlock an exclusive “Perpetual Pioneer” stamp and new backgrounds for their collectibles. The move has had the effect of preserving each piece in the Moonbirds collection permanently on the blockchain.

Enhanced Aesthetic Value

Moonbirds has also benefited from a strategic partnership with Chromie Squiggle, led by American internet entrepreneur Kevin Rose. This collaboration has enabled Moonbirds to augment its existing collection with vibrant new backgrounds. 

Following the partnership, the trading sales volume of Moonbirds NFTs surged by 290%, attaining a remarkable 30 ETH within just a single day. This influx of interest reflects the value addition that such collaborations can bring to an NFT project.

Cost-Effective On-Chain Storage

One of the most notable aspects of Moonbirds is the development of a custom processing engine designed to store the entire collection’s layers. Impressively, this has been achieved at a modest cost of 0.37 ETH. The engine employs bitmaps rather than SVGs, which optimizes the on-chain process and reduces the need for external dependencies.


Moonbirds acknowledges the crucial role of community engagement and collaboration in propelling the project forward. By combining advanced technology, strategic partnerships, and community involvement, Moonbirds sets a strong example for how NFT projects can sustainably evolve while adding tangible value to their collections.

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