NFT REVIEW METAVERSE Virtual Reality Hits a High Note with The Voice Studios

In a world where reality TV and virtual reality collide, ITV Studios and The Virtual Brand Group are adding a new dimension to fan engagement. They have launched “The Voice Studios,” an immersive virtual experience inspired by the globally acclaimed reality show, The Voice.

This venture invites fans to embark on their musical journeys akin to the show’s participants, which boasts 148 versions worldwide.

Stepping into the Spotlight with ‘The Voice’ Studios

“The Voice Studios” isn’t merely a passive experience; it’s a platform for fans to exhibit their creativity. Here, individuals can compose their own music, flaunt their dance moves, participate in Battle rounds, assess their musical knowledge, and even audition for an upcoming season of the hit series. It also offers a unique interface that nurtures talent and cultivates user interaction.

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What sets this initiative apart is the specially curated NBC Metaverse fan zone. Here, fans can audition and win limited edition virtual attire, similar to those gifted by celebrity coaches like Kelly Clarkson, Chance the Rapper, Niall Horan, and Blake Shelton, to their teams on the live show.

Set to debut during the final weeks of NBC’s 23rd season of “The Voice,” it’s a perfect blend of timing and fanfare.

Immersing Fans in a New Reality

“The Voice Studios” finds its home in Vegas City, within the metaverse entertainment destination in Decentraland. It follows a successful virtual pop-up event for “The Voice” during last year’s Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival.

Lucie Stoffers, Head of Brand Licensing, Global Partnerships, ITV Studios, expressed her excitement over the project. She said “After the very successful first pop-up area within the Decentraland Metaverse Music Festival, we are very excited to continue on this journey together with VBG bringing The Voice Studios to Decentraland. And while very few people get to be in a studio where ‘The Voice’ is being recorded, let alone receive a tailored gift from their favourite Coach, it will now be possible for all fans to get access and have fun in this new immersive experience.”

Justin W. Hochberg, CEO of the Virtual Brand Group, echoed the sentiment, emphasizing “The Voice Studios” as the future of entertainment, fashion, and youth culture marketing. He underscored the success of the show’s first metaverse experience, where fans spent an average of 49 minutes, generating 13 times more engagement than typical social media platforms.

This underlines the project’s potential as it aims to build an enhanced experience for fans and advertisers alike.

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