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RTFKT is a company that has uniquely positioned itself at the intersection of fashion, technology, and gaming. This article delves into the world of RTFKT, its pioneering products, and its game-changing collaboration with industry giant Nike.

Background of RTFKT

RTFKT, pronounced “artifact,” was founded by Chris Le, Steven Vasilev, and Benoit Pagotto, a team of experts in gaming, design, and technology. The company was born out of their vision to bridge the gap between physical and digital fashion. 

Rather than producing physical products, RTFKT creates digital fashion items primarily intended for video games and virtual environments. Their digital sneakers and virtual wearables, for instance, provide users with the ability to express their style and individuality in the metaverse. This approach has not only transforms how we perceive fashion but also extends the boundaries of self-expression and identity in the digital realm.

RTFKT’s collaborations and product drops have consistently created a buzz in the digital space. For instance, their collaboration with digital artist Fewocious yielded one-of-a-kind sneakers that sold out in a matter of minutes. Their drops often sell for high prices on NFT marketplaces, further establishing RTFKT as a heavyweight in the NFT fashion space.

RTFKT and Nike: A New Chapter

A significant milestone in RTFKT’s journey was the acquisition by Nike in December 2021. While the exact terms of the acquisition remain undisclosed, Nike intends to harness RTFKT’s technological prowess and expertise to create immersive experiences for its customers in the metaverse. This alliance opens many possibilities for innovative product lines and revolutionary consumer experiences, making it a development to watch closely.

In addition, RTFKT’s innovative concept and unique products have attracted significant investment, with successful funding rounds helping the company reach new heights. Their business model, focusing on digital assets within the growing NFT market, brings a breath of fresh air to the fashion industry. However, like any venture within the volatile NFT market, its sustainability warrants careful observation and analysis.


RTFKT stands at the vanguard of digital fashion, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible at the intersection of NFTs, gaming, and style. With its innovative offerings and acquisition by Nike, the company is well-positioned to shape the future of fashion in the metaverse. As we venture further into this digital era, it will be fascinating to see how RTFKT continues to redefine our perceptions of fashion and identity in the virtual world.

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