NFT REVIEW Mercedes NXT Icons Gear Up for Launch

Several established corporations have recently begun exploring the burgeoning digital asset sphere, notably NFTs. Stepping firmly onto this path is Mercedes-Benz, the renowned automobile giant, with the unveiling of its third NFT collection, the Mercedes-Benz NXT Icons. Targeted for release from the 5th of September 2023, this collection signals the inauguration of “The Luxury Era”, the first of seven distinct chapters showcasing the illustrious design history of the brand.

Exploring “The Luxury Era”

At the helm of this innovative venture is the Mercedes-Benz design team, spearheaded by Chief Design Officer Gorden Wagener. Together, they seek to navigate through a digital exploration of the brand’s rich design lineage. Each chapter or “era” in this collection embodies a distinct theme, promising digital asset enthusiasts an insightful journey. The inaugural chapter, “The Luxury Era”, seeks to fuse tradition with the burgeoning Web3 frontier, representing an era characterized by luxury and evolution.

Essentially, the series intends to recreate Mercedes-Benz’s iconic models, offering around 2,700 collectibles in each “era”, culminating in a grand total of 18,860 pieces. This digital voyage begins with six renowned models, namely the Mercedes-AMG SL 63, Mercedes-Maybach GLS 600, Mercedes-Benz EQS 580, Mercedes-AMG C 63 S E PERFORMANCE, Mercedes-Benz G 500, and Mercedes-Maybach S 680, brought to life in the digital realm as reinterpreted masterpieces.

The auction for these exclusive items will follow a unique format called a rebate Dutch auction. Different from the usual auctions where prices escalate with the competition, here the process starts with a high initial price which then gradually drops over a predetermined time until either all items are sold or a minimum price point is met. All buyers will ultimately pay the same amount for their acquired pieces, hopefully enabling buyers to get the best price for their NFTs.

After the conclusion of the auction, there will be a brief period where the visuals and details of the items remain concealed. Buyers and enthusiasts will need to hold on to their anticipation for an additional 24 hours, post which the artwork details will be unveiled.

Mercedes-Benz’s Foray into the NFT Space

Mercedes-Benz is not a novice in digital assets. In June 2023, the automotive powerhouse made headlines with the release details of its first-ever NFT collection, “Maschine“. This collection, which was a collaborative effort with Dutch artist Harm Van den Dorpel and art collector Fingerprints DAO, consisted of 1,000 Ethereum-based NFTs that explored the concepts of motion and speed, artistically symbolized through the representation of a moving wheel.

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The Convergence of Automobile Giants and Web3

It is evident that major automobile manufacturers like Mercedes and Nissan are steadily making their presence felt in the Web3 space and NFT marketplaces. This collaborative convergence is forging a new path where digital artistry meets automobile legacy, fostering a novel and engaging way for enthusiasts to connect with these revered brands in the digital age. As Mercedes-Benz prepares to usher enthusiasts into a new chapter with the NXT Icons collection, it beckons a curious audience to witness a harmonious blend of tradition and digital innovation, thereby charting a new course in the brand’s celebrated history.

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