NFT REVIEW Gucci to Reward Gucci Vault Material NFT Holders with Exclusive Physical Items

Gucci recently announced an exciting reward program for holders of its Gucci Vault Material NFTs. The company plans to offer two exclusive physical items – a wallet or a bag – to lucky NFT holders. These coveted items will not be available to Gucci’s regular clientele, making them highly desirable collector’s items.

Gucci Vault Material NFTs

The Gucci Vault Material NFTs were initially introduced in March as part of a collaboration between Gucci and the narrative NFT project, 10KTF. At the time of their introduction, the purpose of these Material NFTs remained mysterious. However, they were valued at around $600 on the popular NFT marketplace, OpenSea, before the announcement of the physical rewards.

Now, Gucci plans to reward the 2,896 Material NFT holders with a unique proposition. The NFT holders will have the option to exchange their Material NFTs for either the exclusive Gucci wallet or bag. Alternatively, they can choose to sell their Material NFTs to individuals interested in obtaining one of these limited-edition physical items.

A key aspect of this initiative is the burning of NFTs. If a holder decides to exchange their Material NFT for the wallet or bag, their NFT will be “burned,” essentially removing it from circulation and sending it to a null wallet address. This ensures that the NFT can never be used or traded again, giving the chosen NFT holders an exclusive and one-of-a-kind experience.

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Gucci’s Exploration of Web3 and NFT Integration

Gucci’s venture into the Web3 and NFT space began with a bang in June 2021 when the brand auctioned a stunning art film through Christie’s. Since then, the luxury fashion brand has been actively exploring the integration of NFT ownership with exclusive physical products to create genuine value through a rewarding mechanism.

The success of this initiative is yet to be seen, but it highlights Gucci’s commitment to exploring the intricate interplay between the digital and physical worlds. By engaging with NFTs and the metaverse, Gucci is leveraging technology to connect with its audience in innovative ways, offering collectors and enthusiasts an exclusive glimpse into the world of high-end luxury fashion.


As the NFT market continues to evolve and embrace new possibilities, collaborations between prominent brands and NFT projects are becoming more common. Gucci’s partnership with 10KTF exemplifies this trend, where a luxury brand and a narrative-driven NFT project come together to create a unique and engaging experience for their respective communities.

In conclusion, Gucci’s decision to reward its Gucci Vault Material NFT holders with exclusive physical items demonstrates the brand’s forward-thinking approach to the NFT space. This initiative not only provides collectors with a tangible and valuable reward but also reflects Gucci’s willingness to explore the potential of blockchain technology and the metaverse to offer innovative and authentic experiences to its audience. 

With this latest move, Gucci is carving a niche for itself in the evolving world of digital ownership and bridging the gap between luxury fashion and cutting-edge technology.

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NFT REVIEW NEWS Gucci Wants to Reward ‘Material NFT’ Holders with Physical Items

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