NFT REVIEW Google Play Allows NFT Integration in Apps and Games

Google Play has announced a significant policy change, enabling developers to incorporate non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and other digital assets into their apps and games. 

This move aims to empower developers to offer unique user experiences and leverage the potential of blockchain technology. 

With the growing popularity of NFTs, this policy change opens up new opportunities for developers and further embraces the Web3 ecosystem.

Embracing Tokenized Assets

Under the updated policy, developers can now include features that allow users to buy, sell, and earn tokenized assets, such as NFTs, within their apps and games. 

To ensure transparency, developers must clearly indicate in the Play Console that their app includes blockchain-based elements. 

This change offers a pathway for developers to reimagine traditional games and enhance user engagement through user-owned content and NFT rewards.

Partner Collaboration and Reddit’s Success

Google Play has collaborated with various partners to shape this new policy, and one notable partner is Reddit

Reddit has achieved significant success with its Avatar NFTs, and their insights and experiences have contributed to the development of this policy. 

By working closely with partners like Reddit, Google Play aims to create an environment that fosters innovation and user satisfaction.

User Trust and Guidelines

Google Play’s Group Product Manager, Joseph Mills, highlighted the importance of maintaining user trust in this evolving landscape. 

While tokenized assets offer enriched and immersive experiences, developers are not permitted to promote or glamorize potential earnings from playing or trading activities. 

This aligns with Google Play’s Real-Money Gambling, Games, and Contests policy, ensuring the responsible integration of NFTs into apps and games.

Rollout and Future Expectations

The new policy is set to roll out in the coming months, with the first tests of the new experiences expected to be seen later this summer. 

This phased approach allows developers to adapt their apps and games to meet the guidelines and ensure a smooth transition. 

By embracing NFT integration, Google Play demonstrates its commitment to supporting the evolving needs of developers and the growing interest in Web3 technologies.


Google Play’s policy change to allow NFT integration in apps and games opens up new possibilities for developers and further embraces the potential of blockchain technology. 

By enabling the use of tokenized assets, Google Play empowers developers to create immersive experiences and engage users in innovative ways. 

This shift in policy highlights Google’s recognition of the value of Web3 and its commitment to fostering a thriving ecosystem within its app marketplace.

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