NFT REVIEW Gas Hero Launching Exclusively on Polygon

As excitement builds in the Web3 gaming sector, Gas Hero has announced they will launch their game on the established Polygon platform. The expected launch is December 2023. The brains behind Gas Hero is the Find Satoshi Lab, the team that introduced the Move-to-Earn app, STEPN. Set against a post-apocalyptic backdrop, Gas Hero immerses players in a vibrant yet dangerous world, tasking them with guiding their Gas Heroes through hazardous landscapes, creating virtual strongholds, and battling with other players.

Harnessing Polygon’s Capabilities

Gas Hero aims to accommodate millions of users globally, a vision that resonates well with Polygon’s credentials, ensuring smooth gameplay for everyone. Recognized as a leader in the Layer 1 platform category, Polygon stands tall, especially in fostering traditional collaborations and accelerating business growth. Integrating Polygon is a big move for Gas Hero’s prospective expansion.

As an EVM chain, Polygon is well-equipped to support wallets featuring EIP 4337, which facilitates features such as gas prepayment and potential future benefits like social recovery, amplifying Gas Hero’s commitment to offering users a straightforward onboarding experience. Moreover, the gaming community on Polygon is thriving, exhibiting a notable synergy with Web2 communities. Gas Hero intends to tap into these communities.

What is Gas Hero? 

In the hypothetical scenario where AI might bring about the downfall of human civilization, “Gas Hero” serves as a digital platform to explore the potential outcomes and new challenges that might emerge in the wake of such an event. This strategic Web3 game aims to simulate a large-scale social experiment that ponders crucial questions: Will the fall of civilization result from AI’s actions or human conflict? And who will be responsible for reconstructing society—humanity or a newly evolved civilization?

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Although still under development, Gas Hero aims to immerse players in a world of strategic combat, where they are required to craft a battle lineup utilizing a group of six unique heroes, each accompanied by their respective equipment and pets. As players navigate various battles, the combined attributes of their heroes, weaponry, and pets play a decisive role.

Mutual Support and Global Recognition

From the outset, it sounds like the journey of Gas Hero has received considerable backing from the Polygon Gaming and NFT team, preparing it for substantial marketing exposure and a strong push towards success. Additionally, Gas Hero is planning a badge swap from Solana to Polygon for STEPN x Gas Hero badge owners, with more details to be revealed soon.

As the countdown to the launch begins, both teams are eager to explore the promising opportunities that lie ahead in the gaming sector, working towards shaping the future of NFTs collaboratively. Stay tuned for more updates.

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