NFT REVIEW GAMING Oasys Partners with Vortex Gaming to Expand in South Korea

The gaming-focused blockchain Oasys has announced a strategic partnership with South Korean gaming community platform Vortex Gaming, a subsidiary of Inven, a leading gaming platform in South Korea. This collaboration aims to broaden Oasys’ reach in the Korean market, enabling Vortex players to access the latest blockchain-based games available on Oasys.

Expanding Presence Through Inven

With this partnership, Oasys will access Inven’s extensive Korean gamer community, which holds an 80% share in the gaming webzine sector. This collaboration aims to facilitate Oasys’ engagement with South Korean gamers, offering them blockchain gaming experiences.

The collaboration also aims to drive user acquisition and promote the adoption of blockchain technology within Korea’s dynamic gaming community. Furthermore, it will increase the number of blockchain games on Vortex, giving players access to various desktop and mobile games with blockchain features.

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Vortex Gaming’s Role in Web3 Adoption

Vortex Gaming operates a content-driven gaming community and simplifies the discovery of blockchain and metaverse games for players. Moreover, it has established strong partnerships with major Web3 companies, including NEAR Protocol, MARBLEX, and METABORA SINGAPORE, with the goal of optimizing its service for Web3 games.

Vortex Gaming operates a widely popular social media gaming platform and offers guild functions across multiple games. Dedicated to driving Web3 adoption through quality content on game info and token economies, Vortex Gaming offers a global playground for gamers to connect, interact, and earn rewards.

The partnership with Vortex Gaming builds upon Oasys’ existing success in the Korean gaming market as the leading gaming chain in the region. This follows the launch of XPLA Verse, an L2 on Oasys developed with participation from South Korea’s Com2uS Group.

Oasys aims to onboard more Web3 users to its ecosystem while making it easier for players to discover the unique features of blockchain gaming, which has already gained considerable traction throughout East Asia.

Upcoming Campaign with Ubisoft’s “Champions Tactics”

As the first initiative under this partnership, Ubisoft’s “Champions Tactics” is launching a campaign targeting INVEN’s audience, utilizing Vortex Gaming’s services. Scheduled between June 26 and July 7, participants complete various missions and stake $OAS tokens to be one of 50 winners who will earn a whitelist spot for minting NFTs from Ubisoft’s Web3 game, Champions Tactics.

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