NFT REVIEW GAMING NEOBRED’s Horse Racing Game Enters the Chainlink BUILD Program

NEOBRED, a blockchain horse racing game, has officially entered the Chainlink BUILD program. The program serves as an incubator, offering mentorship and grants to emerging blockchain projects. In NEOBRED, players can own, breed, and race virtual horses while also earning rewards by taking part in races and finishing quests. It’s built on the Avalanche’s EVM blockchain and is slated for a Q4 2023 launch.

Chainlink BUILD Program: More Than Just Mentorship

For early-stage blockchain initiatives, Chainlink BUILD provides an invaluable platform. It offers technical guidance and community support, helping teams like NEOBRED navigate the landscape of blockchain development. Membership in the program grants access to alpha and beta releases of various Chainlink products and dedicated technical support. Additionally, the community aspect connects NEOBRED to a network of blockchain entrepreneurs and developers.


Security and Transparency with Chainlink

Security and transparency are essential for NEOBRED, which is why they turned to Chainlink’s robust Oracle infrastructure. Yosuke Utsumi, the Game/Blockchain Developer at NEOBRED, stated, “This program will give us the resources and support we need to build a successful blockchain horse racing game and continue to grow and engage our community post-launch.” The project also aims to collaborate with other Chainlink BUILD members on various GameFi projects, infrastructure partnerships, and technical provisions.

Moreover, NEOBRED becomes part of an esteemed roster of projects that have also entered the Chainlink BUILD program, such as Blueberry, Space and Time, Source Network, and Planet IX.

Looking Forward: SmartCon and Beyond

Apart from benefiting from the Chainlink BUILD program, the NEOBRED team will attend SmartCon. This blockchain conference, hosted by Chainlink, takes place in Barcelona, Spain, from October 2-3, 2023. “We are looking forward to attending SmartCon and meeting with other blockchain developers and entrepreneurs,” said Utsumi and he added, “We believe that blockchain technology has the potential to transform the gaming industry, and we are excited to be a part of this movement.” SmartCon aims to showcase the technological breakthroughs that are turning the Web3 vision into a reality.

NEOBRED’s inclusion in the Chainlink BUILD program highlights the increasing intersection of gaming and blockchain technology. As the game prepares for its late 2023 launch, its partnership with Chainlink offers promising prospects for secure gaming and community engagement.

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