NFT REVIEW GAMING Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 Launches with Play-to-Earn Campaign

QORPO Game Studio has launched the highly anticipated update, Citizen Conflict Alpha 5. This free-to-play FPS game, developed in Unreal Engine 5, offers team-based combat and various gameplay modes. The latest version introduces new features and opportunities for players to earn rewards, making it an exciting time for both new and existing players.

Introducing the Play-to-Earn Campaign

The biggest addition to Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 is the introduction of a play-to-earn (P2E) campaign. This means that players can now earn up to 300,000 QORPO tokens while playing the game. These tokens have real-world value and can be used to purchase in-game items or even exchanged for cash. This new feature adds a whole new level of excitement and motivation for players to participate in the game.

Another major update in Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 is the revamped leaderboards, which now offer prizes across various categories such as quests, killstreaks, and weapon usage. What makes these leaderboards even more appealing is that one of them is solely based on gaming performance, without the need for additional purchases or social media engagement. This ensures a fair playing field for all players and encourages them to continuously improve their skills in the game.

New Features and Improvements

For those looking to enhance their gaming experience, Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 introduces the Battle Pass. By purchasing the Battle Pass, players can earn a 20% bonus to gameplay points, making it easier for them to progress in the game and unlock new items. In addition, QORPO is offering a chance to win $500 USDT weekly during the alpha phase by sharing gameplay moments on X. This provides an opportunity for players to not only enjoy the game but also potentially earn some extra cash.

Aside from the major updates mentioned above, Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 introduces a new character class, the Brutalizer. With its Adrenaline Rush ability and Phase Shift skill, this new class adds more diversity and strategy to gameplay. The update also includes a new 1v1 map called Depo, reworked existing maps, and spawn point protection. These additions make for more dynamic and challenging gameplay.

Moreover, players can now earn and open loot boxes in-game, giving them more chances to obtain rare items. Communication within the squad has also been improved with the addition of a squad lobby, making it easier for players to coordinate and strategize. Furthermore, dynamic in-game events have been added, keeping the gameplay fresh and exciting for players.

Technical and Community Improvements

Aside from new features, Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 also brings significant rebalancing and tweaks to existing classes and weapons. This ensures a fair and enjoyable experience for all players. In addition, technical and usability improvements have been made to optimize the game’s performance and provide a smooth gaming experience.

Players can explore Citizen Conflict by visiting the game’s website, following on Twitter, and joining the Discord community. This allows players to stay updated with new features and announcements, as well as connect with other players and participate in discussions about the game.

Final Thoughts

Citizen Conflict Alpha 5 brings an exciting new update to the game, introducing a play-to-earn campaign, revamped leaderboards, and various new features and improvements. These additions provide more incentives for players to engage in the game and continuously improve their skills. With its fast-paced gameplay and stunning graphics, Citizen Conflict is a must-try for all FPS enthusiasts. 

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