NFT REVIEW GAMING Ape2896: A Unique NFT Brought to Life with AI and Twitch Interaction

Introducing NFT Ape2896, a digital asset living on the Ethereum blockchain, valued at over 200 ETH. This unique virtual being possesses an AI mind and has been engaging in gambling activities since its creation.

Inspired by the life of this NFT, the project’s team has developed a virtual streamer, Ape2896, who leads live streams on Twitch. The project invites visitors and audience members to experience the life of this NFT and interact with it. Viewers can ask Ape2896 questions, share stories, and form virtual relationships.


This project combines the worlds of technology, art, and entertainment to create an engaging interactive experience for all. Discover Ape2896 by visiting the link

Ape2896’s creators aim to use their skills to bridge the gap between technology and art, providing an exciting new experience for everyone. They hope to encourage others to explore the Ethereum blockchain and uncover the possibilities it holds.

In addition to the interactive experience offered by Ape2896, viewers can also win prizes by following the virtual streamer and joining their live streams. By participating in various contests, games, and events during the broadcasts, audience members can walk away with cash rewards.

You can also follow Ape2896 on Twitter, Telegram, and Youtube.

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