NFT REVIEW Forgotten Runiverse to Ronin: The Blockchain Migration You Need to Know

The Move to Ronin Blockchain

Leaving Arbitrum Behind

MMORPG Forgotten Runiverse, known for its item crafting, PvE quests, and PvP gameplay, is taking a significant step by migrating from Arbitrum to Ronin, establishing Ronin as the premier destination for Web3 games. Initially built on Arbitrum, another Ethereum scaling network, Forgotten Runiverse now joins other games like Kaidro and Pixels in making the switch to Ronin.

A New Home on Ronin

The transition to Ronin signifies a substantial leap forward for Forgotten Runiverse, as it embraces a network that aligns with its vision of fostering a tight-knit community engaged in shared experiences. Based on the NFT collection ‘Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult‘, the game emphasizes community interaction through storytelling and adventure. Ronin, renowned for games like Axie Infinity and Pixels, is an ideal match for Forgotten Runiverse’s objectives.

Benefits and Expectations

Enhanced Gaming Experience on Ronin

Migrating to Ronin will offer faster transactions and lower fees, making in-game interactions more seamless and engaging. Forgotten Runiverse will be free-to-play on mobile and computers, emphasizing community-building through shared experiences, storytelling, and adventure. This enhances the genre and gameplay experience, offering a rich MMORPG environment with player interaction and immersive storytelling.

Increased Security and Scalability

The Ronin blockchain will provide enhanced security and scalability, ensuring a more robust and reliable gaming experience. The Forgotten Runiverse team, having dedicated over three years to developing a free-to-play MMORPG for mass-market adoption, sees this as a crucial improvement. Additionally, the partnership with Magic Machine has been instrumental in developing the game and migrating it to the Ethereum sidechain gaming network, Ron

Upcoming Public Gameplay Event in August

The migration to Ronin will kick off with a closed beta event on July 31, followed by a public gameplay event in August. These events will offer mintable gameplay rewards and new in-game content. The “New Foundations” event invites players to help shape the game’s world, blending gaming with NFTs in an innovative way. This adventure resonates with the Ronin community, contributing to the overall gameplay and community experience on the platform.

The Migration Process

Seamless Transition for Players

The game’s migration to Ronin is expected to be completed by August, with a public gameplay event scheduled for the same month. The Forgotten Runiverse team, inspired by the NFT collection Forgotten Runes: Wizard’s Cult, is dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition for all players.

Future Updates and Developments

Following its launch on Ronin, the game will also launch on the Epic Game Store later this year, with optimizations for mobile devices. Epic Games has announced the upcoming launch of Forgotten Runiverse on the Epic Game Store. The Forgotten Runiverse team will continue to update and develop the game, focusing on community-driven adventures and storytelling.

The Future of Gaming on Ronin

A New Era for MMORPG Forgotten Runiverse

The migration to Ronin marks a new era for Forgotten Runiverse, emphasizing creativity, collaboration, and adventure within its community. The game, based on the collection Forgotten Runes Wizard’s Cult, promises an expansive, magical world waiting to be explored by players who value these core principles.

What Lies Ahead for Players

The launch on Ronin will bring new opportunities for players to form guilds, embark on expeditions, and craft items. The Forgotten Runiverse team is committed to delivering a genre-defining gameplay experience that truly resonates with its audience. The Ronin community will play a crucial role in shaping the game’s future, fostering shared experiences, storytelling, and adventure within this innovative MMORPG.


The Forgotten Runiverse Ronin Migration: A New Chapter

The migration of Forgotten Runiverse to Ronin represents a new chapter in the game’s development, focusing on community-driven experiences and storytelling. This transition is a significant step forward, promising players a more robust, reliable, and engaging experience.

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