NFT REVIEW Ethscriptions Protocol Faces Major Marketplace Breach

The Ethsubscriptions protocol, designed to enable the creation and sharing of digital assets on Ethereum, has experienced a setback as its main marketplace falls victim to a hacking incident. This incident highlights the challenges associated with securing decentralized platforms and the importance of robust security measures.

Hack Impacts Ethscriptions Marketplace

Launched by Tom Lehman, co-founder of, Ethscriptions is a unique protocol that leverages Ethereum’s transaction “calldata” to create non-financial assets on the blockchain. 

While the protocol itself remains unaffected, Lehman disclosed on Twitter that a significant number of Ethscriptions listed on Ethscriptions had been stolen. Around 123 individual addresses lost approximately 202 Ethscriptions in the exploit.

The exact value of the stolen Ethscriptions remains unclear; however, recent transactions on NFT marketplace OpenSea indicate that some Ethscriptions have sold for up to 5 Ethereum, equivalent to approximately $9,600. The loss of Ethscription #56, known for its rarity and historical significance, has been particularly disheartening for Lehman and the community.

Responsibility and Oversight

Lehman took full responsibility for the security breach, acknowledging that the exploit could be traced back to a smart contract developed in collaboration with Michael Hirsch of Indelible Labs. A snippet of code inadvertently allowed unauthorized withdrawals of Ethscriptions from the marketplace. This incident highlights the importance of meticulous contract development and comprehensive security audits.

Despite the setback, Lehman remains committed to relaunching the marketplace after implementing necessary protocol adjustments. He has communicated with those affected by the exploit and recognizes their role as early adopters of the Ethscriptions protocol. 

The security breach on serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by decentralized platforms in ensuring the protection and integrity of user assets. It highlights the necessity for rigorous security measures and continuous improvement of development practices within the blockchain industry. While setbacks are unfortunate, they present opportunities for enhanced security practices and foster user confidence in decentralized platforms.


The Ethsubscriptions protocol confronts a setback as its main marketplace falls victim to a security breach, resulting in the theft of multiple Ethscriptions. This incident underscores the importance of robust security measures in decentralized platforms and emphasizes the need for responsible development practices. The Ethsubscriptions protocol, despite this setback, highlights the ongoing evolution of the blockchain industry and the imperative to address security vulnerabilities to foster user confidence and trust.

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