NFT REVIEW Eldarune Secures IMX Grant from Immutable

Web3 gaming studio Eldarune has announced a strategic partnership with Immutable, a leading Ethereum layer 2 solution for Web3 gaming development. This collaboration aims to advance Eldarune’s flagship trading card game, Heroes of Eldarune, through a substantial IMX (ImmutableX) token grant.

Details of the Partnership

Under the partnership, Eldarune will receive 50,000 IMX tokens, the native utility and governance token of the Immutable Protocol, in three stages. 

The grant follows a milestone-based structure, becoming available once Eldarune’s NFTs on the ImmutableX zkEVM achieve a total trading volume (TTV) of $9.3 million. This approach closely ties funding to the studio’s growth and community engagement.

Leveraging Cutting-Edge Technology

“We bring the gaming experience in the Eldarune ecosystem to the highest level with cutting-edge technology in gaming with Immutable,” stated Can Picak, CEO of Diga Labs and developer of Eldarune. The studio is pushing the boundaries of Web3 gaming by leveraging the full capabilities of technology with four different games, interoperable NFTs, and the $ELDA Token.

Immutable is recognized for its advanced gaming technology within Web3’s extensive ecosystem. Unlike general-purpose chains, Immutable’s zkEVM is specifically designed for gaming, offering features tailored to this sector. This partnership allows Eldarune to capitalize on these unique features.

Advantages of Immutable zkEVM

The Immutable zkEVM offers several key advantages, including EVM compatibility, low transaction costs, and immense scalability while maintaining Ethereum’s security. These features enable Eldarune to deliver an advanced gameplay experience with custom smart contracts, rich economies, and sophisticated on-chain mechanics.

Moreover, zkEVM ensures transaction validity and protects user funds through batching and ZK proofs, mitigating risks and providing a secure environment for both developers and players. The grant support from Immutable also enhances the utility of interoperable Eldarune NFTs and provides milestone-based IMX rewards.

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Future Prospects

The partnership between Eldarune and Immutable is expected to significantly impact the Web3 gaming industry by demonstrating how blockchain technology can enhance gaming experiences. Furthermore, as the game continues to grow and engage its community, the collaboration with Immutable will play a crucial role in realizing the studio’s vision for an immersive and interactive gaming ecosystem.

This milestone-based grant and the integration of Immutable’s advanced technology underline the potential for blockchain in gaming, setting a high bar for future developments in the industry.

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