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Earn Alliance, a prominent Web3 game aggregator, has announced a strategic partnership with Sky Mavis, the creators of the Ronin blockchain. This collaboration aims to integrate Ronin’s games into Earn Alliance’s platform, enhancing the gaming experience for both communities.

Ronin’s games joining Earn Alliance’s gamified engagement platform is a big step in their Web3 gaming journey giving game developers new opportunities and support in the Web3 gaming space.

Ronin Week: Spotlight on Web3 Gaming

To celebrate this partnership, the two companies are launching “Ronin Week,” a week-long event (June 24th-30th) designed to spotlight the dynamic games on Ronin and attract new users where players can earn exclusive rewards.

Ronin Week will feature popular titles such as Pixels, Lumiterra, Fight League, TMA, Kaidro, Puffverse, and the iconic Axie Infinity, offering exclusive rewards for engaging in the event. Players can discover new favourite games or delve deeper into the ones they love within the Web3 gaming ecosystem. The event will highlight featured games powered by Ronin Network and Sky Mavis.

Furthermore, gamers can participate in activities such as creating avatars and engaging in play-to-earn scenarios involving in-game digital assets and NFTs.

Earn Alliance’s CEO and Founder, Joseph “Coop” Cooper, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Our partnership with Sky Mavis marks a significant milestone in our mission to bridge traditional gaming with blockchain technology. My experience and learnings from Axie Infinity, which Ronin was originally built to scale, inspired me to start Earn Alliance. This collaboration has been a major dream in the making.”

Ronin Week will also be showcased on Earn Alliance’s new live stream, “The Wall,” which will feature members of the Ronin team discussing various aspects of the games and the partnership. This event will bring together Earn Alliance’s 500,000 anti-bot verified gamers and Web3 enthusiasts with Ronin’s 1.4 million daily active addresses, fostering a vibrant and engaged gaming community.

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Collaboration for Game Developers

Sky Mavis CEO and Co-Founder Trung Nguyen highlighted the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Partnering with Earn Alliance for Ronin Week allows us to showcase the diverse gameplay experiences and digital assets on Ronin. This collaboration emphasizes true ownership, enabling players to fully own and trade their in-game assets across different platforms.

Nguyen continued, “In the last month, we announced Puffverse and Lumiterra, making this the perfect time to bring both Ronin and Earn Alliance’s communities together to try out these exciting new games.”

Earn Alliance and Sky Mavis are another example of the Web3 gaming landscape evolving. Blockchain can change traditional gaming. The partnership has streamlined onboarding and community activities to attract a wider gaming audience and create new fun experiences for gamers.

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