NFT REVIEW Doodles Migrates Stoodio to Ethereum’s Base Network for Enhanced Efficiency

As part of its efforts to improve efficiency and user interaction, Doodles, an NFT-based entertainment brand, is making a major change. The Stoodio avatar customization platform will soon be moving from Flow to the Ethereum layer 2 network Base. This migration, expected to take place in mid-July, will utilize Base’s quicker and more cost-effective transactions, aligning with Doodles’ goal of expanding its reach and boosting engagement levels.

Leveraging Base’s Efficiency for Broader Reach

The move to transfer Stoodio to Base aligns with Doodles’ goal of maximizing the benefits of quicker and more cost-effective transactions through the use of Ethereum’s layer 2 network. Developed by Coinbase, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, Base has swiftly gained traction in the competitive realm of Ethereum scaling networks. CEO Julian Holguin stressed that this change is guided by the community’s vision rather than any discontent with their current partner, Flow, which has reliably supported them thus far.

“Flow were incredible partners to us. They’ve built some of the stuff that this space as a whole should be most proud of. At the end of the day, it just came down to a lot of our existing community being in other places,” Holguin stated. Austin Hurwitz, Head of Business Development and Strategy at Doodles, shared a similar view, emphasizing the strategic alliance with Coinbase and Base as a significant milestone in propelling cryptocurrency adoption through innovative, user-friendly, and valuable offerings.

In honor of the event, Doodles has organized a complimentary Base NFT creation process through Zora. This will grant access to unique materials in the Stoodio once the migration is finished. It is anticipated that this act will greatly enhance user participation. Jesse Pollak, who created Base, shared their enthusiasm for working together, affirming that Doodles plays a significant role in promoting on-chain artistic culture and shares Base’s goal of establishing a worldwide on-chain economy for artists and creators.

Holguin stressed the significance of providing fulfilling and diverse experiences for Doodles’ primary group of users. “If we’re truly committed to developing an internet-based, blockchain entertainment studio in the future, catering to our core base with truly rewarding and enriching experiences is crucial,” he noted.

Preparing for Future Projects and Broader Impact

The move to Base additionally coincides with the release of Doodles’ new animated short film, “Dullsville and the Doodleverse,” set to debut in September. Helmed by Doodles founder Scott “Burnt Toast” Martin, the film will showcase original music from Pharrell Williams, who serves as Doodles’ chief brand officer, as well as contributions from musicians Lil Wayne and Coi Leray. This venture highlights Doodles’ dedication to merging entertainment with cutting-edge blockchain technology.

Doodles’ shift to Base is a strategic decision to improve efficiency, involve the community, and lay the foundation for future expansion. Through its partnership with Coinbase and Base, Doodles is set to promote widespread adoption of cryptocurrency and deliver fulfilling opportunities to its users, showcasing its commitment to the ever-changing NFT market.

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