NFT REVIEW Discover Momoguro: A Digital Collectible Storytelling RPG

Venture into the intriguing world of Momoguro, a digital collectible storytelling RPG that invites players to explore the mysterious Uno Plane. Crafted by the accomplished Baobab Studios, this experience marries a rich narrative with distinctive gameplay mechanics.

The Momoguro universe, teeming with mighty Holoselves and endearing Momos, is set to extend across various media and entertainment platforms, offering a memorable adventure for fans across the globe.

Unlock the Secrets of the Uno Plane

The Momoguro digital collectible storytelling RPG marks the inception of the Momoguro world. Players assume the role of a budding Holoself, engaging in interactive story quests, amassing Momos, and deciphering the enigmas of the Uno Plane.

Baobab Studios, a distinguished independent animation studio with nine Emmy wins under its belt, spearheads the development of the Momoguro universe, nurturing story franchises across film, TV, games, and books/publishing.

Aiming to spread the Momoguro IP across diverse channels, streaming platforms, and mass media, Baobab Studios seeks to engage millions of fans in gaming, animation, comics, and other entertainment forms.

A New Era of Interactive Storytelling

Set to launch in Q2 of 2023, the Momoguro RPG will be hosted on ImmutableX. This layer-2 Ethereum scaling solution incorporates NFTs as a core game component.

Immutable X equips web3 developers with the necessary tools to construct their games, allowing gas-free minting without compromising security. As a result, it becomes feasible to mint millions of NFTs at no cost, and games can be developed rapidly.

The narrative of Momoguro commences with the Holoselves, the formidable guardians of the Uno Plane. The upcoming game, Momoguro: Legends of Uno, serves as an entry point for players’ Holoself digital collectibles, presenting unique opportunities for acquiring additional digital collectibles and exclusive access to the ever-expanding Momoguro franchise across various media and entertainment platforms.

Holoself digital collectible owners enjoy perks such as early access to the storytelling RPG, Momo Boxes, future releases, alpha news, and more.


Holoselves and Momobeasts

Players immerse themselves in the Momoguro world by assuming the role of a Holoself avatar and undertaking story quests to collect tradable Momo digital collectibles. They can personalize and enhance their team of extraordinary creatures, eventually forming powerful Momobeasts to confront the forces endangering Uno. Players will discover new quests, collect unique Momos, merge creatures, complete story quests, and obtain loot and power-ups throughout their journey.

The Momoguro team envisions digital collectibles as a fresh avenue for creators and communities to co-create stories. With an impressive track record in developing engaging narratives and characters, the team welcomes creators to participate in shaping the Momoguro universe, which Baobab Studios will bring to market.

Interested individuals can currently purchase Holoself digital collectibles on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea, Rarible, and Token Trove.

Final Thoughts

As the Momoguro universe unfolds, players can look forward to an engrossing experience filled with interactive story quests, unique digital collectibles, and strategic gameplay.

Supported by the award-winning Baobab Studios and its upcoming launch on ImmutableX, Momoguro is poised to deliver a comprehensive and engaging narrative spanning diverse media and entertainment forms. So, prepare yourself, assume the role of a Holoself avatar, and embark on a memorable adventure as you explore the fascinating world of Momoguro.

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